Pasteur-Paris University enrollment 2018

The 2017-2018 call for enrollment of students in October 2018 is open.


The 2017-2018 call for enrollment of students in October 2018 is open.

Candidates are advised to read carefully the Application information section for details on the application procedures.

The titles of PhD projects and the names of the laboratory heads and thesis directors are listed below. For each project, there is a direct link to a description of the project proposal with contact information. The first step is to apply to the thesis director of the project(s) of interest by sending a CV and a letter of motivation. You may apply to more than one project, however by November 2nd, each thesis director must choose just one candidate to present to the Admissions committee.  

Laboratories may be contacted from now until November 2nd, the sooner the better. The full applications, prepared jointly by the candidate and the laboratory, are due November 13.  Interviews of selected candidates will take place January 30 – February 2, 2018. Start of the Ph.D.: October 1st, 2018.

More information about the scientific interests of the Departments and Laboratories is available at

The list below may be updated regularly, with the most recent proposals appearing at the end. 


Project number

Title of the PhD project

Lab name / Department


Lab Head /

Thesis Director

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The actinobacterial exception: structure and regulation of a central metabolic supercomplex

Stuctural Microbiology

Structural Biology & Chemistry

Actinobacteria, tuberculosis, Corynebacterium, integrative structural biology,macromolecular complexes, metabolism, X-ray crystallography, cryo-EM

Pedro Alzari

Marco Bellinzoni


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Mechanism of regulation and functional conservation of IMPDH, a key enzyme of the guanine nucleotide metabolism

Chemistry and Biocatalysis

Structural Biology & Chemistry

Invasive bacteria, nucleotide metabolism, IMPDH, supramolecular assembly, Bateman domain, effector binding site, enzymology, biophysics, structural biology, two-hybrid screening, interactome

Sylvie Pochet

Hélène Munier-Lehmann

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Membrane insertion and translocation of the CyaA toxin

Biochemistry of Molecular Interactions

Structural Biology & Chemistry

Protein membrane interaction, protein membrane translocation, lipid

Daniel Ladant

Alexandre Chenal

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Role of intermediate filaments in mechanotransduction during cell migration

Cell polarity, Migration and Cancer

Cellular Biology &  Infection

Migration, cytoskeleton, intermediate filaments, mechanotransduction, nuclear organization

Sandrine Etienne-Manneville

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Unraveling the molecular mechanism of type IIB topoisomerases


Structural microbiology

Structural biology & chemistry

Integrative structural biology, topoisomerase, new DNA topoisomerase, topoisomerase VI, topoisomerase VIII

Pedro Alzari

Claudine Mayer

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Interplay between polarity proteins, junction complexes and regulators of Rho-GTPases in the control of apical contraction during hematopoietic stem cell emergence from the aorta floor in the zebrafish embryo

Macrophages and Development of Immunity

Developmental & Stem Cell Biology

Hematopoiesis, stem cells, zebra fish, live cell imaging, cell and developmental biology


Philippe Herbomel

Anne Schmidt

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Control of bacterial cell shape

Bacterial Morphogenesis and Growth


Regulation of bacterial growth and morphogenesis, peptidoglycan cell wall, high-resolution fluorescence microscopy, genetics of cell-shape regulation

Sven van Teeffelen

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Unraveling the metacyclic to bloodstream form differentiation of African trypanosomes during the early infection of the Mammalian host

Trypanosome Cell Biology

Parasites & Insect Vectors 

African trypanosome, Tsetse flies, host, infection, metacyclic form, bloodstream form, virulence factor

Philippe Bastin

Brice Rotureau

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Modulation of the human T cell response by type I interferon

Cytokine Signaling


Human immunology, autoimmunity, inflammation, gene regulation

Sandra Pellegrini

Frédérique Michel

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Study of RNA molecules contained in extracellular vesicles in Cryptococcus neoformans

RNA Biology of Fungal Pathogens


RNA, Pathogenic fungi, vesicles, Cryptococcus neoformans

Guilhem Janbon

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USF1 transcription factors and the oncogenic response to H. pylori infection

Infection, Genotoxicity and cancer Microbiology

H. pylori, host-pathogen interaction, gene regulation, DNA repair, oncogenesis, gastric cancer

Hilde De Reuse

Eliette Touati

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Synthetic carbohydrate-based conjugates toward a broad coverage vaccine against bacillary dysentery

Chemistry of Biomolecules

Structural Biology & Chemistry

Chemical biology, Glycochemistry, Target synthesis, Molecular tools, Glycosylation, Protecting group manipulation, Bioconjugates, Carbohydrate-protein interactions, Antigens, Vaccines, Diarrheal diseases, Shigella

Laurence Mulard

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The malaria parasite epitranscriptome: Deciphering the role of RNA modifications in malaria parasite virulence and development

Biology of Host-Parasite Interactions

Parasites & Insect Vectors

Epitranscriptomics, translation control, non-coding RNA, RNA-protein interactions, CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing

Artur Scherf

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Fetal liver hematopoiesis: characterization of the hematopoietic stromal compartment that sustains stem cell expansion



Fetal liver, stroma, hematopoiesis

Ana Cumano

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Combatting Alzheimer´s Disease by Activating Autophagy

Membrane Biochemistry and Transport

Cell Biology & Infection

Autophagy, initiation, ULK1 complex, ATG9, Alzheimer, neurodegeneration

Thomas Wollert

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Structural and functional characterization of intact pestivirus non-structural membrane protein 2 (NS2)

Structural Virology


Pestivirus, uncleaved NS2-NS3, membrane protein expression and purification, x-ray crystallography, single-particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM)

Félix A. Rey

M. Alejandra Tortorici


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Aberrant RNA detection and degradation through nonsense-mediated mRNA decay

Genetics of Macromolecular Interactions

Genomes & Genetics

RNA degradation, RNA translation, yeast, nonsense-mediated mRNA decay

Alain Jacquier

Cosmin Saveanu


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Investigation of the role of neuronal, microglial and glial cells during rabies virus infection in the modulation of the innate immune response


Lyssavirus Dynamics and Host Adaptation

Infection & Epidemiology

Brain, rabies, inflammation, neurons, glial cells, microglial cells

Hervé Bourhy

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The role of nicotinic receptors in Alzheimer’s Disease pathology and treatment


Integrative Neurobiology of Cholinergic Systems


Alzheimer’s Disease, nicotinic receptor, mouse models, in vivo imaging

Uwe Maskos

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Functional study of the TIFA-dependent innate immune response during Chlamydia trachomatis infection

Cellular Biology of Microbial Infection

Cell Biology & Infection

Innate defense, signaling cascade, female genital tract, Chlamydia trachomatis, bacterial infection

Agathe Subtil

Yongzheng Wu

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Study of the interplay between nucleoporins and chromatin factors to orchestrate HIV-1 replication

Molecular Virology and Vaccinology


HIV-1, ChIP-sequencing, mass spectrometry, super-resolution microscopy, nuclear pore complex, chromatin

Pierre Charneau

Francesca Di Nunzio

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Left-right patterning of heart morphogenesis

Heart Morphogenesis

Developmental & Stem Cell Biology

Left-right patterning, asymmetric morphogenesis, congenital heart defects, mouse genetics, transcriptomics


Sigolène Meilhac

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Generation and Identity of long-lived B cell Plasmocytes

Antibodies in Therapy & Pathology


Plasmocytes, B cell memory,

autoimmune diseases, rituximab treatment

Pierre Bruhns

François Huetz

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New tool for visualizing and detecting Klebsiella pneumoniae infections

Photonic BioImaging

Center for Innovation and Technological Research & Cell Biology and Infection

Aptamer, nanobody, Klebsiella pneumoniae, in vivo imaging

Spencer Shorte

Régis Tournebize

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Human infection with zoonotic simian foamy retroviruses: role of virological and immunological factors in restricting viral emergence

Epidemiology and Physiopathology of oncogenic viruses


Retroviruses, zoonosis, emergence,

neutralizing antibodies

Antoine Gessain

Florence Buseyne

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Effect of T cell immunity on antibody-dependent enhancement phenomenon in dengue viral infection

Functional Genetics of Infectious Diseases

Genome & Genetics

Dengue virus,

dengue vaccine,

T cell immunity,

antibody-dependent enhancement, ADE, endothelial cells dysfunction

Anavaj Sakuntabhai

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Zika virus replication and antiviral responses

Virus and Immunity Virology

Zika, virus,

restriction factors, cytopathic effect,

cell death

Olivier Schwartz

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How can Yersinia pestis become invisible to the host immune system?

Yersinia Research



Yersinia pestis,

 host cellular immune response,

 immune evasion

Javier Pizarro Cerda

Christian Demeure

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Control of fatty acid degradation in enterobacteria

Metabolism and Stress Adaptation


Stress response, genetic regulation, metabolism,

fatty acid,

E. coli,


Frédéric Barras

Emmanuelle Bouveret


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Roles of cellular interactions within neural stem cell lineages during niche morphogenesis and lineage progression

Brain plasticity in response to the environment

Developmental & Stem Cell Biology

Neural stem cells, lineage, niche, glia,

communication, morphogenesis, Drosophila


Pauline Spéder-Murphy

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Molecular evolution and viral adaptability in different host environments


Functional Genetics of Infectious Diseases Genomes & Genetcs



human genetics

Anavaj Sakuntabhai

Etienne Simon-Loriere / Jean-François Bureau

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Genomic portrait of a neonatal pathogen

Biology of Gram-positive Pathogens


Streptococcus agalactiae,


essential genes, metabolism,

host-pathogen interaction

Patrick Trieu-Cuot

Arnaud Firon

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Deciphering the interactome of bacterial pathogens with mass spectrometry


Utechs Mass Spectrometry for Biology Structural Biology & Chemistry

Mass Spectrometry, top-down proteomic, cross-linking,

native Mass spectrometry

Julia Chamot-Rooke

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Molecular modeling of PTM alteration of Rac1 structure/function by environmental infectious and oncogenic factors

Structural Bioinformatics

Structural Biology & Chemistry

Molecular modeling, enhanced sampling approaches,

bacterial protein toxins,

Rho GTPases, 

short linear motifs

Michael Nilges

Thérèse Malliavin

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The role of calcium in biogenesis and function of extra-cytoplasmic proteins in Gram-negative bacteria

Biochemistry of Macromolecular Interactions

Structural Biology & chemistry

Protein folding, calcium,

disulfide bonds, protein export,

type 2 secretion

Daniel Ladant

Olivera Francetic

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Structural Dynamics of Macromolecular Complexes

Structural Bioinformatics

Structural Biology & Chemistry

Mass Spectrometry, electron microscopy, computer modeling, macromolecular complexes.


Michael Nilges

Ricardo Pellarin

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Deciphering the functional role of adult-born neuron integration and its effect on established networks

Perception and Memory Neuroscience

Adult neurogenesis, sensory systems, olfactory bulb, structural plasticity, computational modeling

Pierre-Marie Lledo

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Identifying factors that affect the interplay between M. tuberculosis and human macrophages

Integrated Mycobacterial Pathogenomics Genomes & Genetics


innate immunity, host-pathogen interactions, macrophage

Roland Brosch

Ludovic Tailleux

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Super-resolution imaging and computational modeling of dynamic chromosome architecture


Imaging and Modeling

Cell biology & infections


polymers, simulations,

super-resolution microscopy,

nuclear architecture, DNA damage,

gene expression


Christophe Zimmer

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Dissecting the kinetics of long-distance enhancer-promoter interactions


Physics of biological function Developmental & stem cell biology

Quantitative biology, live imaging, transcription,

stem cells,


Thomas Gregor

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Two-photon Imaging of large-scale functional connectivity during multimodal sensory integration


Neural circuit dynamics and decision making



Two-photon imaging, multi-sensory integration, behaviour, neocortex


Florent Haiss

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