The Institut Pasteur's staff enjoy the luxury of a 5-hectare campus in the center of Paris that currently houses 39 buildings, 23 of which are used for scientific research. Several of these buildings are listed historical monuments. The Institut Pasteur has a total of 48,000m2 of laboratory space.

We are fully committed to this historical campus and are currently making major investments to optimize our research and education infrastructure, with three Campus Plans, the first of which ran from 2014 to 2017. These plans include both new buildings and renovation projects, with the aim of giving our scientists and students the working conditions, resources and premises they need for open, collaborative research, facilitating the pooling of practices and knowledge and encouraging the flow of energy, talent and projects.

We are keen to draw on the benefits of our close-knit campus, which fosters dialog and encourages an approach that is conducive to high value-added research, while pursuing a strategy of openness to the International Network and to industrial and research partners in France and abroad.

Those working on campus particularly appreciate the practical side of having a staff restaurant and cafeteria on site.

In 2016, we opened a new social space, The 25, with the aim of providing our scientists and students with the ideal conditions for open, collaborative activities, encouraging them to share ideas and knowledge and leveraging energy and talent to inspire new projects.

Get involved in a wide range of activities outside the lab

The Institut Pasteur has a thriving social scene, with a range of clubs, cultural activities and sports. Our staff members have the opportunity to get involved in a host of activities, with various sports offered by the Institut Pasteur sports club (which has its own gym on campus), music and theater activities organized by "La Pasteurale", and social and scientific activities run by StaPa, the Institut Pasteur's association for young researchers.

Via our Works Council, we also fund several social and cultural activities for Institut Pasteur staff and their families.

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