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Legs et Donation - Institut Pasteur
Legacies and donations : thanks to you, in a century , we will continue to advance research . Engaging with us is to act today for tomorrow .
Soutien régulier ou don ponctuel - Institut Pasteur
Donating to the Institut Pasteur means providing direct support for biomedical research and helping a foundation committed to fighting a multitude of diseases. 
Programme grands Donateurs
The Institut Pasteur sees its donors as valued partners in its research. 
Faire un pour la recherche - Institut Pasteur
Give your solidarity tax to a worthy cause – turn it into a catalyst for medical progress.
Vos réductions fiscales - Institut Pasteur
The Institut Pasteur is a foundation with officially recognized charitable status: all donations you make to the Institut Pasteur and its research are tax deductible. 
Autres formes de dons - Institut Pasteur
As well as giving directly to the Institut Pasteur, you can contribute to its research by getting involved in one of the campaigns launched by its partners.
Did you know that fundraising can be a team effort? This can be a great way of sharing your commitment to funding medical research with others. Read on to find out how you can coordinate a fundraising scheme for the Institut Pasteur.
Votre soutien
Choosing to support us means being a driver of medical progress and finding out what our research is really about, by enjoying exclusive access to the Institut Pasteur and getting to know our scientists.

Why supporting Institut Pasteur ?

Why support the Institut Pasteur? 

When you make a donation to the Institut Pasteur, you can rest assured that you are contributing directly to its work.

There's no intermediary. Thanks to donors' support, the Institut Pasteur is able to maintain its independence and freedom of research, and to provide a fast response when called upon in an emergency. Your generosity also provides true encouragement for its scientists to continue their valuable work.



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Fighting cancer - Institut Pasteur
Tackling infectious diseases - Institut Pasteur
New therapies for brain disorders - Institut Pasteur
New therapies for brain disorders - Institut Pasteur


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