Pasteur Network

The Institut Pasteur is proud to be a member of the Pasteur Network.
The Pasteur Network is a vast human and scientific community
with more than 30 members in over 20 countries contributing together
to the improvement of global health. 

    By pooling scientific, human and technical resources among its members,
    the Pasteur Network acts as a synergistic entity to address major scientific and public health challenges.


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    Located in the heart of endemic areas, the Network has privileged access to a large number of pathogens that it monitors and studies on all five continents. This exceptional diversity makes the Pasteur Network a unique global actor in public health, science, innovation, and education, especially in the fight against infectious diseases.


    One of our missions will be to strengthen an enabling environment for the network to ensure that individuals, members and the network as a whole are able to achieve their goals.

    Rebecca F. Grais,
    Executive Director of the Pasteur NetworkCopyright: Tania/Contrasto


    Members share strategic priorities

    • Epidemic and pandemic intelligence and preparedness with a focus on climate sensitive infectious diseases
    • Supporting the research and development, and innovation ecosystem.
    • Support to diverse multi-disciplinary communities of knowledge favoring global and regional mobility.

    The Pasteur Network aims to foster synergies

    • To have a better understanding of the epidemiologic transition and its consequences on aging populations
    • To support mother and child health
    • To combat antimicrobial resistance
    • To study vector-borne diseases
    • To explore key endemic and emergent zoonoses through a One Health Approach

    A unique global actor

    The Network focuses on collaboration between all network members on elements such as scientific coordination, grants, and training, as well as representing the Network within the broader Global Health and scientific research ecosystem.
    Legally represented by a French association the Pasteur Network is a non-State actor in official relationship with WHO.


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