Our commitments

A responsible and inclusive research, mindful of the human being, the environment and animals, whose results are accessible and benefit the largest number of people : discover the commitments made by Institut Pasteur.


Our Ethics Commitments

Ethics Charter to download (PDF - 2022)

Fully committed to research that is respectful of human beings, independent and in the public interest: discover our ethical commitments.

The Institut Pasteur Ethics Charter was drawn up by the Institut Pasteur Ethics Committee (CEIP) and published under the authority of the senior management team. The Ethics Charter is aimed at Institut Pasteur employees as well as external staff and provides the principles that need to be followed to ensure that research is conducted with integrity, respect for human dignity, fairness and responsibility. The charter is re-examined and updated on a regular basis to account for developments in international and national legislation, as well as ethical issues raised by progress in research.




Knowledge accessible to all

The Institut Pasteur has been acting in favor of Open Science by adopting two founding texts in May 2021: a Charter for Open Access to publications and a Policy for the management and sharing of research data and software code. Both policies are in line with the Institut Pasteur 2019-2023 Strategic Plan.

SCIENCE OUVERTE - Institut Pasteur


Our Research with animal models

Recherche sur les modèles animaux - Nos engagements

Promote animals welfare and develop alternative experimental methods.

At the moment, the use of animals in scientific research continues to be vital for our understanding of health and human and animal disease, and for the development and improvement of treatments that benefit patients worldwide.

The use of animals in Institut Pasteur research projects complies with regulatory provisions.



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Commitment

An inclusive approach to gender identity, ethnic and social origins, disability, sexual orientation…

We are proud to state that diversity is our greatest asset in our fight for human health. “Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity”, as Louis Pasteur said.



Our Gender Equality Plan

Raising awareness of gender equality, moving towards equality in recruitment...

As part of its commitment to gender equality in the workplace, the Institut Pasteur has adopted a Gender Equality Plan (GEP). The GEP is a new step aimed at strengthening the Institut Pasteur's policy for equality, diversity and inclusion.

Gender Equality Plan - Engagement - Institut Pasteur


Our "HR Excellence in Research" Accreditation

L’Institut Pasteur s’engage dans l’obtention du label HRS4R

The desire to establish a European research policy

In December 2021, the Institut Pasteur gained the HR Excellence in Research Award from the European Commission and has embarked on a process of continuous improvement regarding recruitment and working conditions for scientists, while strengthening its attractiveness at the international level.



Our support to the United Nations Global Compact

The Institut Pasteur supports the United Nations Global Compact and its 10 principles on human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption.

In a bid to increase the scope that these 10 principles offer in its sphere of influence, the Institut Pasteur has undertaken to make them part of its strategy, culture and process.

It has also committed to issuing a formal public statement endorsing these principles and to informing its staff and partners of its Global Compact membership.

In line with its culture of responsibility and transparency, the Institut Pasteur will publish the results of its initiatives to ensure practical application of the 10 Global Compact principles.

The Institut Pasteur has been supporting the United Nations Global Compact since June 2010 and each year publishes a report on the progress made.




Move towards energy-efficient research that respects sustainable development

The Institut Pasteur has signed the “Paris Action Climat” of the City of Paris since 2020. It has been revised in 2022 to become a new pact named Paris Action Climat Biodiversité (Climate Biodiversity Action Plan). It proposes to Parisian economic and institutional actors to be key players in Paris’ commitment for climate.

"Gold level" in the initial system (“Paris Action Climat”), the Institut Pasteur signed the new pact in November 2022. Through this, our foundation highlights its commitment and mobilization to reduce its environmental footprint but also benefits from a structuring framework aimed to achieving its objectives.

Discover the "Paris Action Climat Biodiversité" charter in french (PDF, 200 ko)


Our Neighbours Area

The Institut Pasteur has a dedicated area for its neighbours. Here information is available about developments that may impact on their daily lives. This area is provided as part of an overall approach to promote ongoing and constructive dialogue.

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