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Welcome to this area dedicated to journalists and the media. Here you will find all our press releases and press kits, as well as an access to the Institut Pasteur photo library. The Press Office team can help you by putting you in touch with spokespersons, setting up interviews, and providing you information about the Institut Pasteur’s activities.

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Bâtiment Institut Pasteur Paris
Press release
The Institut Pasteur's governance is gradually getting back to normal. The new Board of Directors elected by the...
Press release
On February 14, the European Commission officially approved the Infravec2 project . This project will improve the...
Press release
By formally identifying the main player in the fusion between male and female sex cells, researchers from the Institut...

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Here you will find all the resources and documents featuring the Institut Pasteur and its activities: the annual report, an access to the photo library, the Institut Pasteur International Network website…

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