The Institut Pasteur, a private and non-profit foundation, is a place where both basic research programs and technology transfer are supported in order to fulfill our four missions : research, public health, education and the identification of research applications.  The Institut Pasteur is in a unique position to develop partnerships with industry to face public health challenges and to provide new therapies and tools for the benefit of patients.

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The Technology Transfer and Industrial Partnership Department aids researchers and industrial partners, from initial scientific discovery through the development and application of the invention.


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Investor Partnerships

Are you an investor? We provide a means for you to be involved throughout the whole value chain. You can help our researchers to develop their inventions during the acceleration and maturation phases of their projects or upstream of the creation of startups.



Industry partnerships

To make healthcare accessible for everyone and everywhere, the Institut Pasteur strongly relies on
co-development with industrial partners  


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The Carnot Label

The Carnot Label - Innovation - Institut Pasteur

Founded in 2006, the Carnot Label, granted by the French government, was designed to develop partnership-based research, meaning research conducted by public laboratories in partnership with socio-economic players, primarily industry (from SMEs to large corporations), to serve their needs.



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