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Philippe Bousso cancer
Press release
As tumors develop, they evolve genetically. How does the immune system act when faced with tumor cells? How does it...
Pascale Cossart
Press release
Professor Pascale Cossart of the Institut Pasteur in Paris will be honoured with the 2018 Heinrich Wieland Prize for...
Press release
Why is it so difficult to stop smoking? Why do some people relapse months after giving up? Scientists from the Institut...
batiment OMICS
Dossier de presse
The new "Omics" buildings, inaugurated today at the Institut Pasteur, will house outstanding multidisciplinary research...
Dossier de presse
A study conducted by a group of researchers from Paris Diderot University, Inserm and the Institut Pasteur reveals the...
Press release
Chronic malnutrition, usually associated with an inflammation of the small intestine, affects one in every four...
Bénéfices d’une initiation précoce du traitement antirétroviral chez les nourrissons infectés par le VIH
Press release
The initial findings of the ANRS CLEAC[1] study[2] coordinated by Pierre Frange (Hôpital Necker – AP-HP), help define...
Titan Manuguerra
Dossier de presse
The Institut Pasteur's new Titan Krios™ (Thermo Scientific™ Krios™ Cryo-TEM), from Thermo Fisher Scientific is an...
L’anémone de mer, un animal qui cache bien sa complexité
Press release
Despite its apparent simplicity – a tube-like body topped with tentacles –, the sea anemone is actually a highly...


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