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The Institut Pasteur is a private, non-profit foundation. Its mission is to help prevent and treat diseases, mainly those of infectious origin, through research, teaching, and public health initiatives.

Our history

"Chance favors invention only for minds prepared for discoveries by patient study and persevering efforts."


The Institut Pasteur in the world

The Institut Pasteur develops many major international projects in partnership with the main international scientific authorities such as the World Health Organization, and many research institutions, foundations, universities and other private actors worldwide. In addition, the Institut Pasteur is at the heart of the Institut Pasteur International Network, 33 members around the world linked by missions of research, public health and education.


L'Institut Pasteur dans le monde - Institut Pasteur

At the moment

Committed to shared values, Fiocruz and the Institut Pasteur (Paris) both wish to build on strong entrepreneurship strategies as an innovative way to implement...
Projet ATUN-DIPs : un transfert de compétence réussi entre l’Institut Pasteur à Paris et l’Institut Pasteur de Tunis
Passionate about the transmission of genetic diseases, Roukaya YAAKOUBI is doing her thesis at the Institut Pasteur de Tunis on primary immune deficiencies (...
Les femmes du Pasteur Network à l’honneur dans le cadre de la journée internationale des femmes 2022_photo
Since 1975, "International Women's Year", March 8 is recognized as International Women's Day by the United Nations. On this occasion, discover the journey of...

Our governance

With an effective management policy and successful response strategy, the Management, Board of Directors and General Meeting

board provide the impetus for the Institut Pasteur’s research.

Notre gouvernance - Institut Pasteur

Board of Governors

Through its proceedings, the Board of Governors settles Institut Pasteur matters. Its 21 members meet at least four times a year and attend the proceedings of the General Meeting but do not take part in voting.

Notre gouvernance - Institut Pasteur

General Meeting

The General Meeting approves the Board of Directors’ Annual Report on Institut Pasteur activity, elects 16 members to the Board of Directors and votes on changes to the articles of association upon proposal by the Board of Directors.

Notre gouvernance - Institut Pasteur

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council advises the President of the Institut Pasteur and, if required, the Board of Directors on all issues relating to scientific policy, organization, and research. 

Notre gouvernance - Institut Pasteur


The Management team sets the overall strategy for the Institut Pasteur. The team is supported in its task by the Scientific Council and the Executive Board to ensure achievement of the strategic goals and objectives set.

Our governance 


Strategic and scientific partnership with Université Paris Cité

The Institut Pasteur is a research partner organization, member of Université Paris Cité community. The Institut Pasteur’s association with Université Paris Cité is a global partnership for research and education in the field of biology and health, formally established in June 2021.

Partenariat scientifique et stratégique avec Université Paris Cité


Our engagements

Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Since 2010, "Campus Vert" activities have been gathering momentum at the Institut Pasteur in a bid to create more awareness about environmental issues and implement projects.

  • Ethics

  • United Nations Global Compact

  • The use of animals in the Institut Pasteur's research programs​

  • Greenhouse gas emissions assessment

  • Neighbors Area

  • Social and Environmental Report


Conference Center

The Institut Pasteur is a research center of international renown ideally located in the very heart of Paris. Each year the institute hosts a multitude of scientific and medical conferences and meetings as well as events on a variety of themes.

Centre de conference

Our museum

Musée de l'Institut Pasteur

Visit the Pasteur Museum, a place of remembrance that first opened to the public at the Institut Pasteur in 1936. The Museum harbors the memory of the life and work of Louis Pasteur in the spacious apartment he occupied during the final seven years of his life.

Discover the Pasteur Museum


Strategic plan 2019 > 2023 

The Institut Pasteur has been contributing to the history of science, medicine and public health for 130 years. 

In a context of intense global upheaval, in both health and science and with the emergence of new threats, the Institut Pasteur needs to review its scientific priorities and strategic short and medium-term orientations.



2020 Annual Report

Discover the Institut Pasteur in 2020, a year impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. What does this pandemic teach us? The unity of life. The fragility of our species. The need for knowledge.

2020 was a year of an exceptional mobilization, intense scientific research and discoveries by the Institut Pasteur concerning SARS-CoV-2 virus, in particular on diagnosis and therapeutic developments.

In 2020, the objectives of the 2019-2023 strategic plan were developed, of course on emerging infectious diseases, more than ever at the heart of concerns, but also on antimicrobial resistance, diseases concerning brain connectivity and neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and vaccinology.

In 2020, the Institut de l'Audition was inaugurated. This Institut Pasteur center is dedicated to finding solutions to cure hearing deficits and deafness.

In 2020, the "innovation accelerator" was launched. For this, four diagnostic and therapeutic projects have already been integrated and will benefit from human and financial resources for their maturation.

Finally, in 2020, a support structure in the creation of start-ups was established in partnership with the French Public Investment Bank; a new tool for innovation.

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