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Are you an investor? We provide a means for you to be involved throughout the whole value chain. You can help our researchers to develop their inventions during the acceleration and maturation phases of their projects or upstream of the creation of startups.

Investors Collaboration

Investor Collaboration - Innovation - Institut Pasteur

The Institut Pasteur has engaged with a wide range of investors who are leaders in life sciences including diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines and technology. Our investors are involved, as co-development partners, at an early stage and all along the value chain. This strong collaboration speeds up the product developability potential and ultimately leads to funding of down-stream development of Institut Pasteur innovations either through maturation processes or by fostering the creation of startups.

Research Joint Lab

The Institut Pasteur actively strives to bridge the educational gap between academic and industrial scientists by creating Joint Research Labs and Industrial chairs. This brings together academic and industrial researchers therefore maximizing opportunities to co-develop innovative ideas.

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Kurma Partners - Investor Partnerships - Innovation - Institut Pasteur

Kurma Partners is a venture capital firm based in Paris and Munich that specializes in funding biopharma and digital diagnostics companies. Kurma Partners manage more than €400 million, a large part of which goes towards setting up companies based on innovative academic research.
"Our collaboration with the Institut Pasteur began when Kurma was first set up back in 2009, with a cooperation agreement to promote the industrial development of innovations from the Institut Pasteur's laboratories.
This cooperation continued when we launched our Kurma Diagnostics I fund (the first European fund specializing in digital diagnostics solutions) and Kurma Biofund III (in 2019).
In the coming years, we aim to prioritize the emergence of new companies spun off from the Institut Pasteur, while also encouraging our startups to develop further links with the Institut Pasteur's scientists.
Several ambitious startups have already been launched as a result of collaboration between the Institut Pasteur's scientists and Kurma's investors, including Cellectis, DNA Script, Pathoquest and KDx Acceleration.
What interests us with the Institut Pasteur is the remarkable capability for innovation demonstrated by its research teams, which have been at the forefront of many major discoveries in fields such as infection, immunology and molecular biology.
Our hope is that through our collaboration, we will help harness even more innovations from the Institut Pasteur's research and encourage the startup community to develop further links with the Institut Pasteur! 

Thierry Laugel, Rémi Droller and Vanessa Malier, Managing Partners of Kurma Partners


Accelerator of Innovation

The Accelerator of Innovation, created in 2019 will combine financing strategies, industrial technical support and business expertise to help promising innovations to move quickly from the laboratory to the commercial realm. Each of our acceleration programs will focus on creating new partnerships to best meet medical and societal needs in the fields of therapeutics, diagnostics, vaccines and technology.


Accelerator of Innovation - Institut Pasteur

The main challenge for academics in the commercialization of important new discoveries is the technological development gap: the phase between inventions at an early stage and the stage that innovative technologies must reach to become viable and attractive candidates for licensing and commercialization.

For high risk/high value products or for products with a low commercial profitability it is often necessary nowadays, to bring discoveries one step further in order to ensure their transfer to industry or attract venture capitalists.

The newly created Development Innovation Office aims at bridging the gap to get them there and which necessarily goes through an industrialization process.



Startup Creation

With its Accelerator of Innovation and a new dedicated team, the Institut Pasteur helps consolidate a scientific and business project before the launch of the company to ensure its future success. The Institut Pasteur can be a shareholder of the companies created, contributing to the initial capital of the company and assisting the startup team in seeking additional funding. In this context, the Institut Pasteur has developed a broad partner network with public and private investors as well as with the actors of the French innovation ecosystem.

Startups Creation - Innovation - Institut Pasteur


Startup Alumni

Since the first spin-off created in 1997, many companies have started their activity at the Institut Pasteur and remain globally in relation with the Institute.

Startups Alumni - Innovation - Institut Pasteur

Eligo Bioscience, a next-generation microbiome precision medicine company, is pioneering the development of phage-derived DNA delivery vectors for microbial species involved in a number of disease areas, including infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases and auto-immune diseases.

Eligo Bioscience was created in 2014 based on research from the Lu Lab (MIT, USA) and the Marraffini Lab (Rockefeller University, USA). Eligo was incubated at the Institut Pasteur in Paris from 2014 to 2017 and moved in 2017 into the biotech cluster “Paris Biotech Santé” at the Cochin Hospital.

David Bikard, Cofounder and CSO at Eligo Bioscience, is the head of the synthetic biology lab at the Institut Pasteur.



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