The 2018 award winners

This year, the Sanofi – Institut Pasteur awards emphasize a special focus for global Health with 2 fields: Immunology, Microbiology & infection



These Awards honors scientists, whose outstanding research in the life sciences is contributing to progress in global public health.

International Mid-career award

Dr Maria MOTA - Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes – Lisbonne, Portugal

Field: Microbiology & Infection

Maria Mota was awarded for her contributions to elucidate how Plasmodium regulates iron levels in order to survive. Her scientific research is widely recognized and respected by the malaria community.


International Senior award

Dr Claude-Agnès REYNAUD & Dr Jean-Claude WEILL - Institut Necker – Enfants malades – Paris, France

Field: Immunology

Claude-Agnès Reynaud and Jean-Claude Weill were awarded for discovering novel mechanisms by which antibody repertories are generated. They are amongst the world’s leading experts on adaptive immunology


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