The 2017 Award Winners


This year’s high quality standard of the nominees has driven the Jury to exceptionally distinguish five award recipients, instead of four.

National Junior awards 

(The candidates should not be more than 46 years old on 12-31-2017 and should work in France.)

Dr. Fabrizia STAVRU

Field: Microbiology and Infection

Fabrizia Stavru was rewarded for her research on host-pathogen interactions and specifically on the impact of a bacterial infection on the host cells’ mitochondria.


Dr. François LEULIER

Field: Microbiology and  Infection

François Leulier was rewarded for his research on the positive impact that some bacteria have on growth in situations of chronic undernutrition.

International awards

Pr. Jeffrey I. GORDON

Field: Microbiology and Infection

Jeffrey I. Gordon is known as the world specialist on microbiota.

He was rewarded for his contribution regarding the gut microbiota’s role in obesity and childhood malnutrition.


Field: Immunology

Antonio Lanzavecchia was rewarded for his research on the role of human monoclonal antibodies in the fight against malaria.


Field: Immunology

Michel C. Nussenzweig was rewarded for his research on the molecular aspects of adaptive and innate immune responses and his research on HIV antibodies.



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