The PPU Journal Club

The PPU journal club offers the possibility for students of the same class to meet on a regular basis during the first year and to learn to read critically and analyze recently published scientific articles of general interest.


The goals of the journal club are :

- To improve your skills in critical interpretation of the scientific literature.

- To enjoy the discovery of exciting new science.

- To see the application of a variety of techniques to diverse research questions.

- To have interdisciplinary discussions.


The student presents an article that he/she has selected in consultation with the chairperson (a PPU program Committee member or a scientist working at Institut Pasteur). Everyone reads the paper before the class, and researches concepts that are unfamiliar, including techniques. The paper is then presented to the group, followed by or accompanied by active participation of the group in questions and comments, wiith the help of the chairman.

Focus of the discussion

- what are the main conclusions of the paper ?

- what is the evidence for these conclusions? Is it convincing? Why or why not ?

- how were the experiments done ?

- how do the methods work ?

- what might have been done differently ?

- what would you do next, if you were the authors ?

The PPU journal club is open to PPU students of all classes as well as to all students of the campus upon request.


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