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"Chimie Biologique"

Linking Chemistry and Microbiology to Fight Human Diseases



Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is dramatically increasing worlwide and is becoming one of the most urgent public health threat. There is an urgent need for actions to reverse the curve of AMR expansion and to develop innovative drugs (antibiotics, antiparasites, antifungals, antivirus) and therapeutic strategies for safer and sustainable treatments of infectious diseases. To respond to this urgency, AMR has been declared one of the three priorities of the Institut Pasteur Strategic Plan.

The Institut Pasteur is an international center of excellence for biomedical research aiming at unravelling the fundamental mechanisms of life, leading to medical applications. The Department of Organic Chemistry of the University of Oxford is a world-leading chemistry department carrying out pioneering work, in particular in Chemistry for Biology and Medicine, with a research axis on combating antibiotic resistance. These two high profile and complementary Institutions have decided to join their forces to develop cutting edge projects at the interface of Chemistry and Biology to better tackle the AMR challenge.


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This program will foster synergistic projects to fight AMR between the Institut Pasteur and the Oxford Chemistry Department through a joint PhD program. PhD students will work on collaborative projects between the two institutions spending some time of their PhD in the partner laboratory. The exchange programm will be particularly attractive for students and will train them to interdisciplinarity.


The development of new chemical agents addressing AMR will enable to have:

(1) chemical probes to better understand the biology underlying AMR

(2) new leads for therapeutic agents that are drammatically needed.

PhD Program

The students will receive a unique and reknown multidisciplinary training in Biology of the diseases and in Chemistry for Medecine, providing a strong attractiviness for their profile.

They will have the opportunity to work some time during the three years in the partner’s laboratory to gain multidisciplinary expertise by participating to the doctoral courses and training activities of the partner’s institution.

Recrutement will be organized jointly by the two institutions following international advertising. Call for applications opens in September for the class starting in October of the following year.

Students will be part of the International Doctoral Program (PPU) of the Institut Pasteur.

For information about PPU student specific training, activities, benefits, please visit the PPU web site:

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Program Directors

Institut Pasteur

Paola B. Arimondo (Director of the Epigenetics Biological Chemistry Unit, Institut Pasteur, CNRS)

Philippe Glaser (Director of the Ecology and Evolution of Antibiotics Resistance Unit, Institut Pasteur, CNRS)

Monica Sala (Director of the Education Department, Institut Pasteur)

Susanna Celli (Dean of the Pasteur-Paris University International Doctoral Program – PPU)

Christopher Schofield (Head of Organic Chemistry, University of Oxford)

Fréderic Thibault Starzyk (Director of the «  Maison Française d’Oxford », CNRS/ Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs)




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