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Dossier de presse Pasteurdon 2019
Press release
Pasteurdon, a major event that celebrates French research, is focusing on two central themes for its 2019 edition:...
130 ans
Press release
Two major French players in the fight against infectious diseases join forces to improve public health in vulnerable...
Press Document
To mark the occasion of the creation of the Hearing Institute, an Institut Pasteur center dedicated to research into...
Press release
Sex determination is the process whereby an organism becomes male or female. A multinational consortium, led by...
Press release
The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics and the Institut Pasteur report that a new test enhances ability to predict...
Press release
Cells from the rare individuals who naturally control HIV infection have been the focus of investigation for nearly 15...
Press release
Discovery of a cellular mechanism involved in abnormal placental development during some high-risk pregnancies.
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Anaphylactic shock, an exacerbated allergic reaction that can prove fatal, is sometimes caused by the use of drugs...
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Nipah virus, a bat-borne paramyxovirus found throughout South and South East Asia, has been identified by WHO as an...


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