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Découverte d’un marqueur de susceptibilité au cancer gastrique
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Gastric cancer, the third most common cause of cancer-related deaths, is often associated with a poor prognosis because...
Un déséquilibre du microbiote intestinal favorise la survenue d’un cancer colorectal
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The gastroenterology team at Henri-Mondor AP-HP Hospital and University Paris-Est Créteil, led by Professor Iradj...
Un facteur sanguin impliqué dans la perte de poids et le vieillissement
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Aging is a process that affects all functions of the human body, particularly brain function. However, aging can be...
Dossier de presse Pasteurdon 2019
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Pasteurdon, a major event that celebrates French research, is focusing on two central themes for its 2019 edition:...
130 ans
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Two major French players in the fight against infectious diseases join forces to improve public health in vulnerable...
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To mark the occasion of the creation of the Hearing Institute, an Institut Pasteur center dedicated to research into...
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Sex determination is the process whereby an organism becomes male or female. A multinational consortium, led by...
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The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics and the Institut Pasteur report that a new test enhances ability to predict...


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