Companies and foundations

Choosing to support us means being a driver of medical progress and finding out what our research is really about, by enjoying exclusive access to the Institut Pasteur and getting to know our scientists. And you can be sure that your donations will be directly allocated to specific projects – there's no middleman. You can choose how to give (sponsorship, charity-linked products, schemes involving employees, etc.) and exactly where you want your money to go. We are committed to building a partnership that meets your requirements and being open to your needs for the duration of our projects together.


Companies and foundations

Un partenariat sur mesure

A bespoke partnership

Support a project or health issue related to your activities

Votre soutien

In return for your support

Enjoy the benefits of being associated with an internationally renowned health foundation.

Join Pasteurdon!

Join Pasteurdon!

Get behind a national media event.

Ils soutiennent l'Institut Pasteur

Our supporters

Join the Institut Pasteur's sponsors.


Apprenticeship tax

Apprenticeship tax - Institut Pasteur

Giving your apprenticeship tax to the Institut Pasteur's Education Center means supporting advanced training for young scientists that will enable the medical discoveries of the future.



At international the level

From its very early days, the Institut Pasteur has enjoyed support from across the world. The original international appeal, launched to provide Louis Pasteur with the resources he needed to improve vaccination against rabies, work with other scientists on a number of infectious diseases and train up new generations of scientists, met with huge success.


Entreprises et Fondations - A l'International - Institut Pasteur


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