Fundraising for the Institut Pasteur

Did you know that fundraising can be a team effort? This can be a great way of sharing your commitment to funding medical research with others. Read on to find out how you can coordinate a fundraising scheme for the Institut Pasteur.


Why raise money for the Institut Pasteur?

Whether or not you are a regular donor, you can turn an important life event into an opportunity to help raise money for a cause close to your heart: human health via the research conducted at the Institut Pasteur. Involving your friends, family or colleagues can unite you all around a common cause, pooling your combined efforts and resources to aid the work of the Institut Pasteur's scientists.

What occasions can be used to raise money for the Institut Pasteur? 

Collecter pour l'Institut Pasteur - Institut Pasteur
  • Pour un anniversaire, un mariage, une naissance, un défi sportif (« Si je collecte 42 dons pour l’Institut Pasteur, je fais le marathon ») ;
  • Pour un défi personnel (« Si je collecte 300€ pour l’Institut Pasteur, j’invite mes donateurs à dîner…») ;
  • Pour honorer la mémoire d’un proche.
  • A birthday, wedding, birth or sports event ("If I collect 42 donations for the Institut Pasteur, one for each kilometer, I'll run the marathon");
  • A personal challenge ("If I collect €300 for the Institut Pasteur, I'll invite my donors over for dinner");
  • In memory of a close friend or family member.

Organizing a fundraising campaign

We can help you organize a fundraising campaign by providing you with documentation, donation forms and any other materials you may need. Our Donor Service is available to answer any questions you might have.

Organizing fundraising online

The Internet offers a wealth of possibilities for inviting your friends, family or colleagues to join you in your efforts to raise money for the Institut Pasteur. Regardless of the nature of your fundraising initiative or the reason behind it, you can create an online fundraising page (lien vers This page is easy to set up and manage, enabling your donors to make direct online donations (anonymously if they wish), leave a message and monitor the progress of your fundraising.


I want to create an online fundraising page


66% of each donation is tax deductible.

If you have any questions, please contact our Donor Service.




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