1. News | 2023.03.03

    "Hidden Face of Paris 2023" at the Institut Pasteur: a look back at the event

     For the past ten years, the Hidden Face of Paris (Paris Face Cachée) event has been giving the public unique access to more than a hundred sites in the Greater Paris region over a 72-hour period. The idea is simple: members of the public sign up for an adventure based on an evocative title and description, without knowing who is organizing it or who they will meet. The venue is kept secret...

  2. News | 2023.07.19

    Pasteur Museum: collection review before major refurbishment work

    In 2023, the Institut Pasteur began work to restore and renovate its historical listed building. Behind closed doors, members of the museum team and heritage professionals are working to preserve the site and the objects that bear witness to the Institut Pasteur's history. The first stage in the restoration process was a major collection review, which took place from November 2, 2022 to May 31,...

  3. News | 2015.01.13

    Identification of an Achilles heel in the dengue virus gives new hope for vaccine development

    Scientists have identified a vulnerable site on the surface of the dengue virus which is targeted by the only broadly neutralizing antibodies identified to date. This discovery offers a new target for the development of a vaccine to combat all four types of dengue virus currently in circulation.

  4. CNR/CCOMS | 2019.11.07

    CIP Research

    Research is varied because of the diversity of resources maintained in collection. Thus, the CIP is developing a research activity on identification, taxonomy (description of novel species), conservation, antibiotic resistance and metabolomics. For more information, please consult our research site.

  5. Article | 2021.06.24

    Legal notice

    This information concerns all the sites and subdomains of the Institut Pasteur website.  1. EditorInstitut Pasteur, a recognized public-interest foundation SIREN 775 684 897 25-28 rue du Dr Roux 75724 Paris Cedex 15 - France Phone. : +33 1 45 68 80 00 Publication Director Stewart Cole, Director General of the Institut Pasteur.Editorial managers Hervé...

  6. News | 2016.06.22

    Antibodies that are effective against both dengue and Zika viruses

    Scientists have identified antibodies that can efficiently neutralize both the dengue virus and the Zika virus. The description of the binding site for these antibodies on the viral envelope, identical for both viruses, could lead to the development of a universal vaccine that offers simultaneous protection against dengue and Zika virus disease.

  7. Article | 2020.06.16

    Evolution of SARS-CoV-2 and the antibody immune response in humans during infection

    Aim: to understand the evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 viral population in hosts during illness, in relation with the infectivity of the virus and the establishment of the humoral (antibody-based) immune response. This knowledge is important to identify trends in disease progression and help improve the treatment and post-treatment follow-up given to patients. Detailed data on the evolution of...

  8. Article | 2016.12.09

    Tuition fees

    Tuition fees vary according to the length of the course.2nd year Masters students from the Greater Paris universities (Université de Paris, Paris-Saclay and Sorbonne Université) attending courses covered by agreements with the Institut Pasteur and other students from these universities attending courses as part of a doctoral module are exempt from fees.The "Student" rate applies upon...

  9. Article | 2016.11.15

    Daniel Bovet (1907-1992)

    In 1957, Swiss-born Daniel Bovet won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discoveries relating to synthetic compounds and their effects on blood vessels and skeletal muscles. Daniel Bovet discovered the first antihistamine and the first synthetic curare-like agents. He pioneered medicinal chemistry.

  10. Article | 2020.06.22

    Developing a rapid diagnostic test to detect SARS-CoV2 virus in various environment

    Aim: The epidemy of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its global spread urgently requires efficient means for rapid diagnosis, as well as detection in various environments (aside from clinical laboratories), such as airplanes, schools, potential animal carriers, etc. We have previously devised a colorimetric method to detect specific pathogen sequences using Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA) which...


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