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Drawing on its excellent reputation and true to its universal values, the Institut Pasteur has an ambitious international policy. Its Department of International Affairs is responsible for animating and developing the Institut Pasteur International Network, particularly by coordinating major programs that meet current global health challenges. It is also in charge of developing new corporate and scientific partnerships to boost the worldwide presence of the Institut Pasteur and help to address human health challenges.

The institut pasteur international network

Institut pasteur international network

Located in 26 countries on five continents, the Institut Pasteur International Network (RiiP) includes 33 institutions, which are united by shared values and missions for the benefit of populations. It is a unique model for health cooperation and, in addition to its structures, brings together a human and scientific community that focuses on both local and international health priorities. Present in numerous endemic areas, the RIIP has, time and time again, demonstrated its major role as a sentinel for emerging infectious diseases.













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James DI SANTO - Institut Pasteur
The innate immune response provides an important natural defense system that protects the organism against various types of infectious threats. Innate lymphoid...
colon souris bacteries - Institut Pasteur
For the first time, a three-dimensional metagenomics experiment has been carried out on a mouse intestinal microbiota sample. This method quantifies and...
 Cellules infectées par le virus du Zika en microscopie électronique à transmission - Institut Pasteur
Zika virus infection is usually asymptomatic or mild. However, it can sometimes lead to an autoimmune disease called Guillain-Barré syndrome. In rare patients...

The Department of International Affairs’ multi-center programs

To meet current global health challenges, the Institut Pasteur is developing and coordinating major international projects, run mainly in conjunction with members of the Institut Pasteur International Network.

As well as furthering knowledge, these programs help to increase local skills, build up equipment, and assist health authorities in drawing up recommendations to improve the care of populations on a long-term basis.

La coopération internationale - Institut Pasteur

International cooperation

Pathogenic agents are serious global challenges that can only be tackled effectively through cooperation. Members of the Institut Pasteur International Network work with local stakeholders in countries where they conduct their research, public health and education missions. They also develop numerous partnerships with international research centers and have the support of the world’s major funding bodies.


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