Startup creation

Startup creation plays a major role in the downstream development of technologies stemming from academic research. With the creation of its first spin-off twenty years ago, the Institut Pasteur was a forerunner in supporting the creation and development of biotech companies.

To date, the Institut Pasteur has participated in the creation and/or development of 30 startups harnessing technologies and know-how developed by its research teams; 20 are still active and 6 are stock market-listed.


A startup with a novel approach to treating optic neuropathies

The startup Neurophoenix

harnesses the research carried out by the Viral Neuro-Immunology laboratory led by Dr. Monique Lafon at the Institut Pasteur and supported by Institut Carnot Pasteur Microbes & Santé. The aim of the company is to develop a drug candidate to treat optic neuropathies such as glaucoma, which are highly debilitating conditions affecting some 80 million people worldwide.

Neurophoenix employs a particularly innovative approach based on a viral molecule that has the remarkable property of reactivating survival mechanisms and regenerating damaged neurons. The company has already obtained in vitro and in vivo proof of concept for the molecule's efficacy. The pre-clinical phase in the development of the drug candidate is expected to begin shortly.

INNOVATION - Tom Shepherd

Tom Shepherd, co-founder of the startup Neurophoenix.

We are proud to draw on the Institut Pasteur’s expertise and outstanding research. The aim of the company is to develop a drug candidate to treat optic neuropathies based on a molecule from a virus that has the remarkable property of reactivating survival mechanisms and regenerating damaged neurons.



A lentiviral-vectored therapeutic HIV vaccine, licensed to TheraVectys

Theravectys, a privately-owned vaccine company, translates 20+ years of research on lentiviral vectors into actionable innovation and brings a spectacular paradigm shift in vaccinology.

Founded by pioneer technology inventor Dr. Pierre Charneau, as a spin-off of the Institut Pasteur, TheraVectys leverages its unique proprietary platform to deliver safe and efficient T-cell vaccines as a response to critical unmet medical needs. Taking full advantage of its technological and Intellectual Property’s versatility, TheraVectys implements a broad portfolio, building on strategic partnering to lead PoC-validated vaccine-candidates to clinical trials and to market.

The lentiviral technology developed by Pierre Charneau is under clinical for a therapeutic HIV vaccine, licensed to Theravectys, and has completed Phase I trials.

Pierre Charneau - Institut Pasteur

Pierre Charneau, Founder of the startup Theravectys

The Institut Pasteur has always supported TheraVectys and is involved in its development. In June 2017, TheraVectys and the Institut Pasteur launched an ambitious collaborative project: a joint laboratory, in order to capitalize on licensing agreements and to strengthen synergies to create a strong shared IP portfolio. This joint laboratory ensures optimal allocation of resources and access to world-class research facilities.
TheraVectys' ambition is to provide a concrete response to the principal infectious diseases and cancers affecting both developed and developing countries. Results obtained in pre-clinical animal studies meet this ambition, demonstrating unprecedented vaccine efficacy both in the field of therapeutic anti-tumoral vaccine and prophylactic vaccines against major infectious diseases including AIDS, malaria and COVID.





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