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Institut Pasteur supervises doctoral students in close partnership with French universities (Paris-Descartes, Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris Diderot and Paris Sud) and renowned international universities. Institut Pasteur has a strong commitment to doctoral students, both on the academic and social levels.


Institut Pasteur is a multidisciplinary and internationally renowned campus

  • 32 institutes worldwide
  • 133 research units in Paris
  • 10 Nobel prizes
  • 300 doctoral students welcomed on campus with 80 new students per year
  • Institut Pasteur is a major player in doctoral training
  • 40% of doctoral students come from foreign countries

Institut Pasteur supervises doctoral students in close partnership with French universities (Paris-Descartes, Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris Diderot, Paris Sud, Paris Science et lettres) and renowned international universities

Institut Pasteur has a strong commitment to doctoral students

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To find all the useful informations on the academic and social commitment of the Institut Pasteur towards PhD students.

Doctoral schools - Institut Pasteur

Reception day for PhD students

Reception day for PhD students

Since 2017, the doct-office organizes a welcome day specially dedicated to new PhD students. This day allows newcomers to meet and learn about the different academic and social commitments offered by Institut Pasteur.


In the academic level:

  • Personalized follow-up of the PhD student
  • Supervision of research work
  • Monitoring by a tutoring team
  • Free access to courses, training, workshops and Doctoral school Modules
  • Methodological and theoretical courses in bioinformatics
  • Access to scientific and international videoconferences
  • Participation to scientific seminars and symposia
  • Participation to forums (professional networking, post doctoral positions)

In the social level:

Affiliation to Doctoral Schools

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Logo ministère de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement supérieur - Institut Pasteur
Logo CIFRE - Enseignement - Institut Pasteur

Industrial Research Training Agreements (CIFRE)

Set up in 1981 by the Ministry of Research and Higher Education, the CIFRE system has two objectives:

  • Develop partnerships between public research laboratories and companies;
  • Provide PhD students with professional research experience and encourage their recruitment by companies.

The purpose of the Industrial Research Training Agreements (CIFRE) is to co-finance the training of a doctoral student recruited by a company to entrust it with a research mission as part of its R & D strategy and also as a support for the preparation of his PhD.

The research mission entrusted to the PhD student is part of collaboration with a research laboratory of the Institut Pasteur, in charge of the scientific supervision of the PhD student.

Each CIFRE is concluded between the National Association for Research and Technology (ANRT) and Institut Pasteur for a maximum duration of 36 months. The CIFRE provides in particular the methods of awarding the funding as well as the distribution of the time of presence of the PhD student within the company and the research laboratory.

Doctoral students benefiting from a CIFRE are welcomed at the Institut Pasteur as OREX employees.

The follow-up steps and the role of each entity at the Institut Pasteur:

CIFRE en quatre étapes - Institut Pasteur

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