The Startup Awareness (SuAw) office

Institut Pasteur has four missions: Research, Education, Innovation, and Public Health. These four missions are linked each other in the view of innovation in science. The Startup Awareness (SuAw) office of the Education Department will boost the transformation of research into innovation by making Pasteurians friendly with innovation process and innovation ecosystem through targeted trainings on entrepreneurship in life sciences.


The Startup Awareness office 

The SuAw office designs and operates strategic educational programs to boost the transformation of research into innovation and to foster future entrepreneurs. It aims at connecting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in France (or other countries) with potential innovators. It also provides the necessary training for supporting their innovations.


    The SuAw office is placed under the responsibility of the Education Department of Institut Pasteur. It works in close coordination with the MAASCC (the Office in Charge of the Integration and Career Guidance of Scientists) and the DARRI (the Research Applications and Industrial Relations Department).


    • To scout for ideas and projects that can serve as a base for startup creation
    • To provide diverse training programs aimed at perfecting entrepreneurship and technical skills
    • To connect with the existing entrepreneurial ecosystems (fundraising, incubators, accelerators, venture-capital investors, business angels, etc)
    • To coordinate with national and international innovation partners

    Supporting potential innovators on the initial stage

    • Listen to students who have creative ideas, projects or results and are interes ted in innovation

    • Identify their needs

    • Introduce them to targeted trainings

    • For Pasteurians, connect them to the specialized DARRI services

    Training programs

    Startup Breakfast (SuB)

    The SuB is a motivational event with a seminar format. Every month, the SuAw office invites a high profile entrepreneur or an innovation actor such as a manager, a businessman, an investor, a director from various accelerators, a government representative, a lawyer, etc. Participants will be inspired by the entrepreneur success story or learn innovation ecosystem by innovation actors. It consists of an informal interactive presentation and free discussion. 


    • Motivational talks by successful business people with tips and tricks for the initial stages

    • Process of funding startups at the beginning and later on

    • Team building

    • Values offered by incubators

    • Unmet needs, innovation and Marketing access

    • Legal and regulatory issues

    Language: English

    When: 8:30 – 9:30 am, one day a month, usually on the first Tuesday of each month


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    Watch the previous sessions (Only for the Pasteurians)

    Start-me up

    Two days training workshop aiming to stimulate the creation of startups in Life Sciences. This event is for PhD students, postdocs, researchers, and engineers who are interested in learning entrepreneurship and creating their startups. Participants will learn entrepreneurship and startup creation from experts and receive hands-on training for creating a startup.

    This training consists of expert talks sessions in the morning and practice sessions in the afternoon. In the practice sessions, participants will work in teams under the supervision of mentors. They will practice how to create a startup from the initial business idea. At the end of the training, each team will pitch their projects in front of a jury. Participants will work either on their own project or on selected business cases provided by the organizers.

    Language: English

    Duration: Two full days (each year)


    We are happy to share with you the experiences of the previous participants.

     1. Chiara Figazzolo, PPU PhD student

    2. Valerio Laghi, PhD student & Research engineer

    3. Mirko Sadi, PPU PhD student

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    Watch the previous Start-me up (Only for the Pasteurians)

    Watch the previous Start-me up on the Youtube

    IP-ESCP Advanced Master Program in Life sciences and health Management (APiL)

    APiL is an intensive advanced management program jointly created and organized by Insitut Pasteur and ESCP.

    This program aims to explore, synergize, and capitalize competencies at the crossroads of healthcare innovations and business development.

    Language: English

    Duration: 14 months

    Place: 4 weeks at IP and ESCP campus + Distance learning

    Certificate: IP-ESCP Master degree

    Start from 2022-2023 academic year

    Application open: November 1, 2021

    Application close: May 30, 2022

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    DU.GBM  (Diplôme Universitaire de Génie Biologique et Médical : Valorisation de la recherche et de l’innovation biomédicale)

    This DU.GBM is a professional training and university diploma on biomedical research and on innovation and industrial valorization. It is co-organized by the Faculty of Medicine of the Sorbonne University, the AP-HP, Institut Pasteur and Medicen. This training provides a good overview about the French innovation ecosystem.

    Language: French

    Duration: about 12 full days (between January and March)

    Place: Faculté de médecine Sorbonne Université - 91 boulevard de l’Hôpital 75013 Paris
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