The Institut Pasteur Online Diploma of Infectious Diseases (DNM2IP)

Institut Pasteur creates an Online Diploma of Infectious Diseases (DNM2IP) based on MOOCs.

The goal of this Institut Pasteur Diploma is to enable students, medical doctors, health workers, researchers, and staff of state agencies or NGOs to acquire skills in the field of infectious diseases. The diploma is given to students who have successfully obtained the certification for 5 of the 15 MOOCs of the DNM2IP.


Each of the MOOCs, broadcasted on the FUN platform, includes a Qualifying Path which consists of:

  • video sessions with respective quizzes
  • a final video session that summarizes the entire course
  • slideshows
  • a web forum
  • a weekly quiz
  • some hangouts (live session for answering questions from candidates)

The MOOCs are broadcasted on the FUN MOOC Platform. To attend them, you may create an account on this page.

Click on : Instructions to create an account on FUN MOOC.

This Qualifying Path is validated by an online exam, which is graded. Each candidate who successfully completes the exam receives a certificate issued by the FUN platform.

Registration fees for each of the qualifying MOOCs are 150  €.

Most DNM2IP MOOCs (video sessions, slideshows, quiz, hangouts and final examination) are most often in English, with English and French subtitles. A small number of MOOCs are in French as indicated by their title, with French and English subtitles.

To apply to the DNM2IP, candidates have to choose 5 MOOCs out of the 15 MOOCs in the program. It is mandatory to choose at least 1 star MOOCs from this program. A MOOC is broadcasted for about 2 months and each MOOC is rebroadcasted every 2 years.

The candidates have a period of 2 years maximum, starting form the registration, to successfully pass the 5 MOOCs and obtain the DNM2IP diploma.


Program of the DNM2IP

*Innate Immunity

*Resistance to Antibacterial Agents



Emerging and Reemerging Viruses


Essais cliniques dans les maladies infectieuses et tropicales

HIV Science

Human Population and Evolutionary Genetics


Medical Entomology

Medical Mycology

Modeling of Infectious Diseases


Viral Hepatitis

Viruses and Human Cancers

Waterborne Infectious Diseases


Terms of the diploma

Registration to DNM2IP

Registration is open throughout the year and is done online on a dedicated platform.

Online registration

It is recommended that students register for a diploma before following any of the MOOCs. However, if a student has already certified one or several MOOCs of the diploma beforehand, certification of these MOOCs may be validated by the Education Committee.

During the training period of 2 years, a candidate is authorized to switch 2 of the 5 initially chosen MOOCs. The change can be done directly on the DNM2IP platform in the personal candidate area.

An adequate scientific background, equivalent to a bachelor in life sciences (3 academic years), is recommended for following the DNM2IP MOOCs.

Candidate registration must be approved by the DNM2IP Education Committee, which will notify acceptance in less than 2 weeks.

All candidates must register for the Qualifying Paths of the 5 MOOCs of their Diploma on the FUN MOOC platform :

MOOC Certification

The final examination is online under the surveillance of a specialized company. It is organized for each MOOC at the end of the 8-week broadcast period. The exam is available online for 2 weeks. The exam dates are indicated on the FUN platform, in the sections dedicated to the exam in the course and regularly confirmed by the MOOC Community Manager.

The final examination consists of 30 multiple choice questions, which should be answered in 1 hour. A total of 60% of correct answers is required to pass the exam, i.e 18 good answers.

Students may upload their results and certificates from FUN to the DNM2IP platform, in their personal candidate area.

DNM2IP Diploma

The diploma from Institut Pasteur will be available upon receipt of the certificates validating the 5 MOOCs to which the candidate has registered. The diploma will be available in the personal candidate area and sent by mail.

The diploma will be signed by the Institut Pasteur.

Broadcast Schedule of the DNM2IP MOOCs



Educational program realized with the support of the Fondation Ipsen  


DNM2IP Education Committee

Dominique Franco: Head of the Institut Pasteur MOOC team

Monica Sala: Director of the Institut Pasteur Education Department

Christophe d'Enfert: Institut Pasteur Scientific Director

Arnaud Fontanet: Professor at Institut Pasteur and Collège de France

Sylvie Van der Werf: Professor at Institut Pasteur and University of Paris

Jean-Marc Cavaillon: Institut Pasteur Emeritus Professor

Didier Mazel: Institut Pasteur Professor

Frequently asked questions - all about the DNM2IP


What is the level of education or training required to register for the DNM2IP?

It is recommended to hold a bachelor's degree (3 academic years) in life sciences for most of our MOOCs. This pre-requisite ensures a sufficient level to pass the exam of each MOOC. However, it is possible to register for the DNM2IP without having this degree in life sciences, as the MOOCs are intended to be open to anyone wishing to train on these subjects. It is recommended that students without a Bachelor in life sciences, who wish to follow the qualifying path, verify that the scientific level of the MOOC is accessible, by answering the weekly quizzes, before paying the registration fee.


Which language is used in the MOOCs ?

MOOCs are mostly in English. They are all subtitled in French / English. In addition, a script in English and French is made available for each video.


Where can I find the list of the MOOCs included in the DNM2IP and their release date?

The provisional MOOC calendar is available on this page:

This calendar allows you to plan the time you will have to devote to the follow-up of the courses, and the timeline of the exams.


Can the list of MOOCs change?

The Institut Pasteur regularly produces new MOOCs which can be added to the list proposed under the DNM2IP. Likewise, a MOOC can be removed from this list temporarily or permanently, if it requires an update of the scientific content. Learners registered for this or these MOOCs are informed by email, and can choose another MOOC in the DNM2IP program.


Organisation of Certification exam


What does the certification exam for a MOOC consist of?

This exam takes place entirely online, via the FUN platform. To register, you must bring an identification document and have a webcam on your computer, as the exam is monitored remotely. The exam consists of 30 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), to be completed in 1 hour. To pass the exam, a minimum of 18 questions must be answered correctly, i.e. 60% correct answers.


Where can I find the exam dates?

The exam dates are specified on the page “Info du Cours” and in the sections dedicated to the exam in the MOOC. You have the opportunity to take the exam during the last two weeks of the MOOC broadcast. Registration is possible up to few days BEFORE the end of the MOOC diffusion. It is strongly recommended not to wait until the last minute to register for and take the exam, in order to avoid any technical problems. Once the MOOC is completed, it is no longer possible to take the exam.


In which language is the exam?

The student has to choose between the French or English version of the exam.


I am registered to qualifying path of a MOOC, but I do not yet have access to the exam.

The exam takes place during approximately the last two weeks of the MOOC broadcasting. These dates are announced on the MOOC presentation page, or by email.


What happens if I fail an exam?

In this case, it is no longer possible to retake the MOOC exam. However, it is possible to register for another MOOC to validate the DNM2IP. After two failures, it is no longer possible to validate the Diploma.


I have taken and successfully passed the exam of the 5 MOOCs of my choice. How to get the DNM2IP?

After the successful completion of each MOOC, you can submit your results and your certificate on the DNM2IP Platform in your personal candidate area. Once the five certificates have been submitted, you will receive the digital diploma signed by the Institut Pasteur. The diploma will be available in your personal candidate area.


DNM2IP Equivalence


Does the DNM2IP give access to an equivalence in terms of diploma?

No, not to this day. This is a digital diploma issued by the Institut Pasteur. The labeling of this diploma is under development.


I attended a face-to-face course at the Institut Pasteur (Paris). Does this correspond to an equivalence of the MOOC?

No, the requirements for obtaining the DNM2IP are the same for all candidates, that is to say, passing the online certifying exam of 5 MOOCs of your choice.


Is it possible to obtain an attending certificate for a MOOC without taking the exam?

No,  a certificate is only granted to students who have successfully passed the certifying exam at the end of a MOOC.


Registration details


What are the DNM2IP registration fees?

The DNM2IP consists of 5 MOOCs of your choice. Registration for the qualifying path for each MOOC is 150 euros and has to be done online on the FUN platform. Registration fees are paid at the time of registration  for a MOOC or during its broadcast period.


How are the registration fees for each MOOC paid?

Registration fees are paid by credit card, online, on the FUN MOOC Platform. This payment is only possible during the MOOC broadcast period, and up to 1 day before the end of the MOOC. These dates are specified for each MOOC, on the FUN Platform. It is recommended not to wait until the last moment to make this payment, in order to avoid any technical problem. Once the deadline has passed, it is no longer possible to register for the exam.


When I try to make the payment online, it doesn’t work. Who should I contact?

Please contact FUN MOOC via this online form:


How can I obtain an invoice?

Invoices are edited by the FUN Platform. You may complete a form on the FUN Plateform, and follow this guidance article :


Is the DNM2IP eligible for the Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF)?

No, to date, the DNM2IP is not eligible for the CPF. However, some companies fund online certification through their training plan.


How much time do I have to validate the DNM2IP?

Two years from the date of DNM2IP registration.


I already have one or several certificates, can I still register for DNM2IP?

Yes, it is entirely possible to register for DNM2IP if you have already obtained a certificate from one of the MOOCs included in the DNM2IP. In this case, the registration date taken into account is the date when the first certificate was obtained.


I am registered for the discovery path of a MOOC. How do I register for the qualifying course?

When you register for a MOOC, you are by default registered for the free discovery path. You can choose to register for the qualifying path at any time up to few days before the end of the MOOC broadcast by going to your dashboard and clicking on the green button "Register for a certificate".


How to access the FUN platform in English version?

Click on your name at the top right of the screen, then "paramètres du compte", then choose the English language.


How and when do I get the certificate of a MOOC?

The certificate is edited by FUN MOOC a few days after the end of the MOOC (around two weeks), and is made available on your dashboard.



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