The Institut Pasteur Online Diploma of Infectious Diseases (DNM2IP)

Institut Pasteur creates an Online Diploma of Infectious Diseases (DNM2IP) based on MOOCs.

The goal of this Institut Pasteur Diploma is to enable students, medical doctors, health workers, researchers, and staff of state agencies or NGOs to acquire skills in the field of infectious diseases. The diploma is given to students who have successfully passed the authenticated certificate for 5 of the 15 MOOCs of the DNM2IP.


Each of the MOOCs, broadcasted on FUN platform, followed by the candidates includes a Qualifying Path which consists of:

  • video sessions with respective quizzes
  • a final video session that summarizes the entire course
  • slideshows
  • a web forum
  • a weekly quiz
  • some hangouts (live session for answering questions to candidates)

This Qualifying Path is confirmed by an individual online exam, which is graded. If successful on the exam, the candidate receives a certificate issued by the FUN platform.

Registration fees for each of the qualifying MOOCs is 150  €.

The DNM2IP MOOCs (video sessions, slideshows, quiz, hangouts and final examination) are most often in English, with English and French subtitles. A small number of MOOCs are in French as indicated by their title, with French and English subtitles.

For applying to the DNM2IP, candidates have to choose 5 MOOCs in the program out of 15 MOOCs. It is mandatory to choose at least 1 star MOOCs from this program. Broadcasting of each MOOC is done during about 2 months. Each MOOC is rebroadcasted every 2 years.

Program of the DNM2IP

*Innate Immunity

*Resistance to Antibacterial Agents



Emerging and Reemerging Viruses


Essais cliniques dans les maladies infectieuses et tropicales

HIV Science

Human Population and Evolutionary Genetics


Medical Entomology

Modeling of Infectious Diseases


Viral Hepatitis

Viruses and Human Cancers

Terms of the diploma

Registration to DNM2IP

Registration is open throughout the year and is done online by sending the


It is recommended that students register for a diploma before following any of the MOOCs. However, if a student has already certified one or several MOOCs of the diploma beforehand, certification of these MOOCs may be validated by the Education Committee.

During his/her track, a candidate is authorized to modify 2 of the 5 chosen MOOCs by notifying

A reasonable scientific understanding, equivalent to a bachelor in science, is recommended for following the DNM2IP MOOCs.

Candidate registration must be approved by the DNM2IP Education Committee, which will notify acceptance in fewer than 2 weeks.

Certification : Final examination

The final examination is online under the surveillance of a specialized company. It is organized for each MOOC at the end of the 6-week broadcast period. The exam is available online over 1 or 2 weeks. The exam dates are indicated on the FUN platform and repeatedly announced by the MOOC Community Manager.

The final examination consists of 30 multiple choice questions, which should be answered in 1 hour. A rate of 60% of correct answers is required to pass the exam. The certificate from FUN will be sent by the student to


The diploma from Institut Pasteur will be available upon receipt of the certificates validating the 5 MOOCs to which the candidate has registered.

The diploma will be signed by the Institut Pasteur President and the Director of the Education Department.

Broadcast Schedule of the DNM2IP MOOCs

Download the Broadcast Schedule

Educational program realized with the support of the Fondation Ipsen  


DNM2IP Education Committee

Dominique Franco: Head of the Institut Pasteur MOOC team

Monica Sala: Director of the Institut Pasteur Education Department

Olivier Schwartz: Institut Pasteur Scientific Director

Arnaud Fontanet: Professor at Institut Pasteur and Collège de France

Sylvie van der Werf: Professor at Institut Pasteur and University of Paris

Jean-Marc Cavaillon: Institut Pasteur Emeritus Professor

Didier Mazel: Institut Pasteur Professor


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