1. Article | 15.11.2016

    André Lwoff (1902-1994)

    The scientific work of André Lwoff was dominated by two major discoveries: bacterial growth factors and dormant forms of bacterial viruses called prophages. With François Jacob and Jacques Monod he was awarded the 1965 Nobel Prize in Medicine "for their discovery relating to the genetic regulation of enzyme and virus synthesis."

  2. Article | 15.11.2016

    François Jacob (1920-2013)

    François Jacob worked closely with Jacques Monod, developing the concept of genetic regulation considered revolutionary for the time. The two men were awarded the 1965 Nobel Prize in Medicine with André Lwoff "for their discovery relating to the genetic regulation of enzyme and virus synthesis."

  3. Article | 15.11.2016

    Jacques Monod (1910-1976)

    For Jacques Monod molecular biology was a way to piece together the puzzle explaining the mechanisms shared throughout the living world, from bacteria to complex animals. Inspired by André Lwoff, Jacques Monod worked closely with François Jacob to discover the first genetic regulation system, for which they coined the name operon. Four years after publication of the discovery the three scientists...

  4. Report | 25.05.2018

    From Molecular Biology to Stem Cells

    May 1968… While students took to the streets of Paris, Jacques Monod and François Jacob were getting ready for what would prove to be a decisive turning point for the Institut Pasteur: the opening of a new department dedicated to molecular biology—in other words the study of the molecular mechanisms governing cell behavior. The venture, which included plans for purpose-built premises, had...

  5. Document de presse | 23.01.2014

    The loss of François Jacob, a prominent name in molecular biology

    A former member of the French Second Armored Division and Companion of the Liberation, François Jacob risked his life to defend the fundamental values of democracy and freedom. He was a brilliant scientist who spent his entire career at the Institut Pasteur and who inspired many researchers who followed in his tracks. François Jacob never missed an opportunity to demonstrate his commitment to the...

  6. Article | 06.01.2017


    The PPU program benefits from the support of Institut Pasteur, partner institutions, private institutions and governmental agencies.*

  7. Document de presse | 23.01.2014

    The Institut Pasteur inaugurates its new center for research on emerging diseases at a ceremony attended by French President François Hollande

    On November 14, 2012, Professor Alice Dautry, President of the Institut Pasteur, and Jean-Pierre Jouyet, Chairman of the Institut Pasteur Board of Directors, officially opened the Institut Pasteur’s research center for the study of emerging diseases at a ceremony attended by French President François Hollande.   Paris, november 14, 2013   In recent decades, we have witnessed...

  8. Article | 20.12.2016


    Bacteria have always been important research models at the Institut Pasteur. The Department of Microbiology studies bacteria, archaea and their viruses, through multidisciplinary approaches.

  9. Article | 20.12.2016

    Pasteur-Weizmann Council

    The Pasteur-Weizmann Council is an association which collects funds aimed at promoting scientific exchanges between the Institut Pasteur in Paris and the Weizmann Institute of Sciences in Rehovot, Israel.

  10. News | 24.09.2018

    Omics: Biology in the digital age at the Institut Pasteur

    On September 13, 2018, the Institut Pasteur inaugurated its "Omics" buildings, which will serve to explore the myriad possibilities offered by the development of computational biology. The buildings will house scientists from a wide range of disciplines together with state-of-the-art technologies.The OMICS Center inauguration ceremony was attended by Christian Vigouroux and Stewart Cole,...

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