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On April 7, 2021, the European Medical Agency (EMA) concluded that thrombosis in combination with thrombocytopenia has...
Centre d'enseignement Pasteur
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Christine Clerici, President of Université de Paris, and Stewart Cole, Director General of the Institut Pasteur, have...
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Meningitis is associated with high mortality and frequently causes severe sequelae. Newborn infants are particularly...
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Dengue virus causes an average of 500,000 hemorrhagic cases annually, posing a threat to over 2.5 billion people...
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Over the past 16 months and against the backdrop of the COVID-19 health crisis, thousands of drugs have been tested...
ue artistique d’un épithélium et de l’élimination des cellules
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To enable tissue renewal, human tissues constantly eliminate millions of cells, without jeopardizing tissue integrity,...
Cellules bronchiques humaines infectées par SARS-CoV-2
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The Delta variant was detected for the first time in India in October 2020 and has since spread throughout the world....
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A study conducted by the University Hospital of Strasbourg (HUS) in collaboration with the Institut Pasteur, published...
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Yerkes National Primate Research Center researchers in collaboration with Institut Pasteur have determined a...



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