40 years after the discovery of HIV

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From virus identification to hopes of a cure, what are the new challenges for research?

DP 40 ans VIH
Isolating and identifying the retrovirus, sequencing, mechanisms of pathogenesis… For 40 years, the Institut Pasteur's research teams have relentlessly examined the characteristics of HIV and ways forward to cure it. A considerable body of knowledge has been gathered through the international collaboration of teams of scientists with various specialties including immunologists, clinicians, molecular biologists and virologists. Today, the Institut Pasteur's research is focused on eliminating persistent viral reservoirs in HIV-affected individuals to help produce sustained remission or even a cure.

Forty years after the publication of the first description of HIV by the Institut Pasteur's teams in Science on May 20, 1983 the press kit looks back at the events and presents the Institut Pasteur teams currently working on HIV research.

40 years after the discovery of HIV


Françoise Barré-Sinoussi's souvenir album – Interview
HIV milestones
Words associated with HIV/AIDS
HIV, a master of evasion
Inspiring patients
Broadly neutralizing antibodies, stars of the lab    
Focus: Cells under the microscope
Natural killer cells that target HIV   
And over the next 40 years?
HIV research at the Institut Pasteur and in the Pasteur Network 
Scientific conference





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