Gender Equality Plan

As part of its commitment to gender equality in the workplace, the Institut Pasteur has adopted a Gender Equality Plan (GEP). The GEP is a new step aimed at strengthening the Institut Pasteur's policy for equality, diversity and inclusion.


The Institut Pasteur’s commitment

The Institut Pasteur undertakes to implement a Gender Equality Plan (GEP) via a series of specific actions based around six key objectives, following on from the European Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R):

1.    Raise awareness of gender equality and unconscious bias;
2.    Improve work-life balance and change practices;
3.    Improve gender balance in governing roles;
4.    Work towards gender equality in recruitment and career progression;
5.    Promote and support the inclusion of a gender dimension in research and innovation;
6.    Tackle abusive behavior of a sexist and sexual nature.

The European Commission has made having a GEP an eligibility criterion for research teams wishing to respond to calls for proposals issued under the Horizon Europe framework program.

Key figures

The gender equality among our staff and even representation across the age ranges are an everyday reality for the Institut Pasteur. Women currently represent 59.5% of our workforce, and 61.4% of 2022 recruits were women.

The Institut Pasteur achieved a score of 98% on the 2022 French Gender Equality Index.

  • Gender pay gap: 38/40 points
  • Gender gap in individual pay rises: 20/20 points
  • Gender gap in promotion rates: 15/15 points
  • Gender gap in post-maternity pay rises: 15/15 points
  • Gender gap in 10 top earners: 10/10 points

Moreover, as part of its commitment to gender equality in the workplace, in January 2022 the Institut Pasteur adopted a Gender Equality Plan (GEP).

Lastly, Institut Pasteur representation on governing bodies is 31.6% for women and 68.4% for men (i.e., 6 women and 13 men considering all members of the Senior Management Board (CODIR), Executive Board (COMEX) and Scientific Management Board (CODIS) as a whole)*.

Female representation in senior management positions is not calculated here as the Institut Pasteur is not concerned by the provisions of article L 3111-2 of the French Labor Code.

*in response to article 14 of Law 2021-1774 of December 24, 2021 aimed at accelerating economic and professional equality which provides for obligations of gender-balanced representation among senior managers and members of governing bodies of major corporations and transparency on the issue (implementing decree 2022-680 of April 26, 2022).

What is a GEP?

According to the European Commission's definition, a GEP is an official document that sets out a series of commitments and actions to promote gender equality within an organization through institutional and cultural change.

A GEP concerns public and private research organizations, higher education institutions and public bodies (ministries, research funding organizations, etc.) that apply for funding under the Horizon Europe framework program for research and innovation.

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