Other Courses


Other Courses:

Pasteur Course Bioinformatics program for PhD students

In 2016, upon request from the General Board of Directors, the Hub of bioinformatics and biostatistics in collaboration with the Image Analysis Hub developed a training program dedicated to Institut Pasteur PhD students. According to their background, students are strongly encouraged to validate the statistical modules, and choose additional bioinformatics and image analysis modules.



cryo EM single Particuleb
Pasteur Course Cryo EM - Single Particle Imaging

This Pasteur Course focuses on the processing of data from the highest resolution analysis of single particles (SPA) by cryoelectronic microscopy.



Pasteur Course Introduction to the relationship between Science and Society

This course aims to shed light on recent developments in the relationship between science and society and to try to provide some answers and/or reflections on the questions that these developments raise. It is primarily aimed at doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows and young researchers, but is open to anyone, scientist or not, interested in these issues.




Pasteur Course Regulatory course for project designers (Rodents & Lagomorphs)

This course involves a 2 week-training which is compulsory for scientists designing projects on rodents and lagomorphs. It has been approved by the Ministry of agriculture (Approval reference: I-75 Institut Pasteur-F1-14).



Pasteur Course Specific training to design and perform surgical procedures on rodents

This course involves a 3 day-training which is compulsory for scientists implementing surgical procedures. This is appropriate to train for surgical procedures on rodents (mice and rats). It has been approved by the Ministry of agriculture (Approval reference: R-75Institut Pasteur-CHIR-18).






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