Pasteur-CNAM School of Public Health

The Institut Pasteur and CNAM (French National Conservatory of Arts and Trades) have pooled their respective expertise to form the Pasteur-CNAM School of Public Health and offer a specialist Masters in Public Health, in partnership with EHESP (French School of Public Health).


The specialist Masters in Public Health is a Level I diploma accredited by the French Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. It is designed for a wide range of postgraduate students with various backgrounds and also for graduates who can demonstrate prior experience in a public health role, including doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, biologists, staff members of health agencies, personnel from NGOs and/or international organizations, development specialists, personnel of food and pharmaceutical industries, chemists, health officers in local authorities, public health engineers, geographers, hospital administrators, economists, sociologists, health professionals and final-year students.

The course includes:

  • A common-core syllabus,  from October to December, covering the fundamental of public health: ethics, epistemology, epidemiology, biostatistics, health economics, health policy analysis, overall health and safety.

Specialist subjects, from January to May, chosen from the following options:

  • Risque infectieux (Course coordinator: Arnaud Fontanet).
  • Risques, environnement, travail et maladies chroniques (Course coordinator: William Dab).
  • Biostatistiques et bioinformatique (Course coordinator: Ndeye Niang).
  • Conception et gestion des politiques de santé (Course coordinator: Olivier Weil).    
  • An internship from June to November.
  • A written dissertation with oral defense.

The "Risque infectieux" specialization classes are held at the Institut Pasteur and come under the Epidemiology and Public Health theme and the Biology of Microorganisms theme. Online inscriptions are accepted till 15 days before the course starting date.

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Download the course brochure (in French) (PDF - 284 KB)

Institut Pasteur et le Cnam
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