7th graders - Observation week

This program is dedicated to students in last year of secondary school (classe de 3ième), who are required to complete a one-week observation training in professional environment. In this context, the Institut Pasteur offers secondary school students the opportunity to come and discover the different professions of a world-renowned research institute.




This one-week program is animated by a smart team whose members work in Institut Pasteur laboratories and are dedicated to the program on the voluntary basis. The organizing team takes care of finding the more adapted host research or administrative entities of the Institut Pasteur to discover their core business. A tutor is identify to supervise the student along his/her internship. At application in their motivation letter, students may express scientific or administrative topics of interest that will guide the organizing team in the choice of the host entity. During their stay, a set of activities are planned: - welcome seminar and training on "prevention of occupational risks", - visit of the Education Center, - thematic routes. This is meant to provide the students with a global vision about the world of research in biology and public health, about support professions at the Institute, about the Institut Pasteur actions carried out in France and throughout the world. The students is managed in small groups within the hosting entities or platforms of the campus where they discover the diversity of professions in a research Institute. The maximum capacity of the program is 25 students per week and two weeks are scheduled annually.

This programme is reserved to students of French secondary schools, learn more in French


Equipe College 3 stage de 3ème à l'Institut Pasteur
L'équipe Collège 3 Institut Pasteur 2022
  • Céline CORBIN, Assistant and Administrative Manager
  • Anthony BOUILLON, Assistant Manager
  • Charlotte BALIERE, Assistant Manager
  • Deshmukh GOPAUL, Head of the Pre-doctoral Programs
  • Chantal COMBREDET, Head of the 7th Graders Observation Week Program
  • Géraldine BONNEFOY, Assistant Manager
  • Sabine THIBERGE, Assistant Manager







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