Biology of Microorganisms

This two-week course is intended for medical doctors, veterinarians, directors of clinical mycobacteriology laboratories, pharmacists and research scientists wishing to acquire an up to date knowledge on tuberculosis and the practice of molecular methods for diagnosis, drug susceptibility testing and epidemiology.

Practical information

Institut Pasteur
June 15-26, 2020
April 5, 2020
In English


Institut Pasteur Diploma
Credits for Public health Pasteur-CNAM Master
University diploma Paris Diderot

This full-time course is composed of lectures by international scientists, a practical training workshop and an introduction to basics informatics and genomic analysis for defining drug resistance. The language for lectures and the practical training is English.

A small number of  scholarships will be awarded for travel and hotel expenses. The request for a scholarship must be included in the motivation letter.
The criteria to be used  by the selection committee for choosing the students for the course will include: candidate qualifications, the strength of the application and the direct impact that the training will have on the work of the candidate on TB control or research on tuberculosis. Financial need will also be considered for the selection of scholarship recipients.


Global and molecular epidemiology; evolution; clinical aspects; immune responses; IGRA and biomarkers; genetic susceptibility; HIV/diabetes co-infection; pediatric tuberculosis; non-Tuberculosis mycobacteria; latency; antibiotic resistance, multidrug-resistance(MDR) and extensive drug resistance(XDR); rapid diagnosis and drug susceptibility tests; anti-TB treatments including MDR-TB and XDR-TB; Whole Genome Sequencing; Drug discovery/New drugs.

Practical workshop

GenoType® MTBDRplus and MTBDRsl; GeneXpert; Gene target sequencing; spoligotyping; MIRU/VNTR typing; Bioinformatics and Whole Genome Sequencing for defining drug resistance.


Program under development

More informations


Howard Takiff

Mycobacterial Genetics unit

Institut Pasteur

Honorary director

Brigitte Gicquel

Mycobacterial Genetics Unit

Institut Pasteur

Head(s) of laboratory practicals


2 weeks
Members of the Course committee


B. Gicquel (Institut Pasteur)

S. Malot (Institut Pasteur)

V. Ponticelli (Institut Pasteur)

M. Sala (Institut Pasteur)

H. Takiff (Institut Pasteur)

H. Waxin (Institut Pasteur)



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