Biology of Microorganisms

This two-week course is intended for medical doctors, veterinarians, directors of clinical mycobacteriology laboratories, pharmacists and research scientists wishing to acquire an up-to-date knowledge on tuberculosis, molecular methods for diagnosis and drug susceptibility testing, new drugs and treatment regimens as well as molecular and traditional epidemiology.

Practical information

Institut Pasteur
June 15-26, 2020
February 28, 2020
In English


Institut Pasteur Diploma
Credits for Public health Pasteur-CNAM Master
University diploma Paris Diderot

This full-time course consists of lectures by international scientists and a practical training workshop. The language for lectures and the practical training is English, but help for French or Spanish speakers will be provided during the practical training.


Lectures will cover: the history of tuberculosis; global epidemiology of tuberculosis (TB); molecular epidemiology and evolution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains; immune responses during tuberculosis infection and disease; TB vaccines; HIV co-infection; diabetes and TB; pediatric TB, mechanisms of antibiotic resistance; diagnosis and treatment of multidrug-resistant (MDR) and extensive drug resistant (XDR) TB; concepts and applications of rapid diagnosis and drug susceptibility tests (DST) in different settings; evaluation of the different methods using predictive values according to TB prevalence; whole genome sequencing and non-tuberculosis mycobacteria.  There will also be an introduction to modeling of transmission and the effect of interventions, the use of computer assisted diagnosis of chest Xrays, and a session with difficult case studies.

The practical workshop will provide training for rapid diagnosis of TB and DST using nucleic acid-based technologies: GenoType® MTBDR plus and MTBDRsl (HAIN Lifescience GmbH, Germany), and the GeneXpert MTB/RIF test (Cepheid, Sunnyvale, CA, USA). Antibiotic gene targets will be sequenced to identify antibiotic resistance, with bioinformatics sessions to understand how to interpret the sequences. There will also be an introduction to Whole Genome Sequencing and the use of software for detecting resistance-associated mutations in whole genome sequence data. MIRU/VNTR and WGS analysis will be compared for use in molecular epidemiology and contact tracing.

Flyer Tuberculosis 2019-2020 VF


Roland BROSCH                                          Olivier NEYROLLES

Theodore COHEN                                        Stefan NIEMANN

Tom DECROO                                             Jean Louis HERRMANN

Christophe DELACOURT                          Catherine PIERRE-AUDIGIER

Francis DROBNIEWSKI                             Indira SOUNDIRAM         

Brigitte GICQUEL                                        Steffen STENGER

Philippe GLAZIOU                                        Howard TAKIFF

Véronique JOLY                                              Arnaud TREBUCQ

Qingyun LIU                                                   Nicolas VEZIRIS

Olivier NEYROL




Thanks to a grant from CEPHEID, the maker of the GenXpert, there are now a few scholarships available for applicants who would not otherwise be able to attend the 2020 Pasteur TB course.  The scholarships will be either full or partial, depending upon the financial support required.  The scholarships will be awarded based upon the credentials of the applicant, their financial need and the potential impact their participation in the course could have on TB control in their home country.

Please indicate on the application (letter of Motivation) if you would need a scholarship to attend the course, and whether you will need full or partial financial support.

Will you need a scholarship to take the course? Yes No ; Do you need a full or partial scholarship? full / partial - Please indicate these answers in your letter of motivation. 

More informations


Howard Takiff

Mycobacterial Genetics unit

Institut Pasteur

Honorary director

Brigitte Gicquel

Mycobacterial Genetics Unit

Institut Pasteur

Head(s) of laboratory practicals


2 weeks
Members of the Course committee

B. Gicquel (Institut Pasteur)

J.-L. Herrmann

S. Malot (Institut Pasteur)

C. Pierre-Audigier (Institut Pasteur)

V. Ponticelli (Institut Pasteur)

M. Sala (Institut Pasteur)

H. Takiff (Institut Pasteur)

A. Trébucq

H. Waxin (Institut Pasteur)



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