General informations

In ordering a strain from the PCC, the customer implicitly agrees not to resell the strain, and to quote the Collection acronym (PCC) and full strain number (e.g. 6301) in any published communication involving that strain.

Strains obtained from the PCC should not be donated to other laboratories or Culture Collections. This precaution is necessary to protect the reputation of the PCC in case of accidental contamination or mis-numbering of the strain following arrival in the laboratory of the customer.

Procedure for ordering Cyanobacterial strains

All cultures may be ordered by normal mail or by FAX. Please note that both the letterhead of the Institution and the signature of the customer are required for administrative purposes.
When ordering, please give both the PCC number of the strain and its generic identity in the Collection. Cultures are available only to customers who are trained in microbiology and have access to a properly equipped laboratory; they cannot be forwarded to private addresses.


Orders should be sent to: 

Collection des Cyanobactéries
Institut Pasteur
28, rue du Docteur Roux
75724 PARIS Cedex 15, FRANCE
Fax: +33 (0)1 40 61 30 42


For current requirements of strain delivery from the PCC, please note that separate declarations of responsibility need to be made by the client for cyanobacterial strains known to be toxic (annex B) and for those for which this property is not known (annex A). The forms to be filled out (Annexes A and/or B) can be downloaded or obtained as E-mail attachments upon request from the PCC : collectionpcc@pasteur.fr. They should be filled out as appropriate (deleting instructions), printed on paper with the letterhead of the client’s institution, and be signed by the responsible scientist (or supervisor for requests of students). The signed form(s) has (have) to be returned to the PCC correspondent by Fax, ordinary mail  or E-mail attachment.

Please note that about 3 to 6 weeks will elapse between receipt of an order and dispatch, since most strains have to be subcultured from slants. If recovery from cryopreserved material is necessary, the delay may even be longer. Cultures are packed and dispatched in accordance with international postal and air-freight regulations. Postal parcels are sent by registered mail. Details of culture media and growth conditions are supplied with each strain. PCC cultures that have been delivered are not accepted for exchange.

Most cultures are dispatched on slants. However, some cyanobacteria (particularly gas-vacuolated planktonic strains) grow poorly on solid media and are therefore provided as liquid cultures (5 ml aliquots) in sterile screw-cap plastic tubes.


Prices (excluding transport charges):

• For research......................... 189 euros per strain
• For industry............................378 euros per strain

The bill will be sent to the client by the financial office of the Pasteur Institute some time after dispatch of the strains.


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