Vaccinology and Immunotherapy Initiative: Clinical Research


Clinical Research in Vaccinology and Immunotherapy at Institut Pasteur includes clinical studies with the advanced vaccine candidates developed by Institut Pasteur (described as part of the Innovation – Vaccine candidates, immune-monitoring of Institut Pasteur sponsored clinical trials as well as in collaboration with partners, and cohort and surveillance studies to uncover the disease-specific immune responses and biomarkers, as well as the breadth and mechanisms of immune responses.

A central goal of the Vaccinology and Immunotherapy Initiative is to facilitate these and other clinical activities, particularly with respect to mechanisms of actions of existing vaccines. Vaccine responsiveness varies amongst normal individuals, the basis of which remains poorly understood. Several human cohorts are available at Institut Pasteur that may help to provide clues to better understand how vaccines promote immune protection in normal individuals. In collaboration with the Vaccination Center at the Institut Pasteur Medical Center (CMIP), the Cochin Pasteur Clinical Investigation Center (CIC) for Vaccinology, and other collaborators, programs to decipher vaccine responsiveness in normal and immunosuppressed individuals will be pursued.

Furthermore, immunized individuals produce immune cells and antibodies that provide protection against disease-causing pathogens. Using innovative technologies, potent neutralizing antibodies can be isolated and developed as therapeutics for disease treatment and prevention.

Teams and Projects

Darragh Duffy - Labex Milieu Intérieur

We aim to better understand the mechanisms behind inter-individual differences in immune responses, and apply these discoveries to relevant clinical questions such as variable responses to vaccination. We also want to fully understand the age associated declines in immune function so that vaccine strategies can be tailored more specifically in a precision population approach. To do this we apply systems immunological models to diverse healthy populations and disease cohorts. 

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Marie-Lise Gougeon - Innate Immunity and Viruses

The Innate Immunity and Viruses Unit has implemented a “Comprehensive Immunomonitoring platform” aimed at deciphering innate and adaptive immune responses triggered by vaccine candidates and immune therapies in the setting of phase I and II clinical trials. The ongoing projects include the characterization of adaptive immune responses induced by a vaccine candidate specific for Shigella, cellular T-cell responses triggered by immunotherapeutic vaccines against HIV-1, and transgene-induced immunity following intracerebral gene therapy in children with Sanfilippo disease.

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Michaela Müller-Trutwin with the group of Asier Saez-Cirion - Viral Reservoirs and Control - Hiv, Inflammation and Persistence

Our laboratory aims to unravel novel mechanisms of HIV control and HIV-associated disease. We study rare HIV-infected individuals who control HIV replication, either spontaneously or after an antiretroviral treatment (HIV remission) and unique animal models of spontaneous control of HIV/AIDS. Potential host-directed therapies are currently tested in pre-clinical trials. In parallel, the studies are designed to allow for the screening of biomarkers of HIV remission. Our results may also inform vaccine studies.

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Lars Rogge -  Immunoregulation

Biological therapies targeting TNF and IL-17 have revolutionized the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases. However, 30 to 40% of patients do not respond to these drugs and it is currently not possible to predict therapeutic responses. The goals of this project are to elucidate the mechanisms of action of TNF- and IL-17-blockers and to develop biomarkers predicting the response to biologics to stratify patients to the most appropriate therapy. This work is performed in the context of an “Unité Mixte de Recherche” AP-HP/Institut Pasteur linking the Rheumatology Department at AP-HP Hôpital Cochin and the Immunoregulation Unit at Institut Pasteur. 
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