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The Institut Pasteur is at the forefront of computational biology research. Scientists in the Evolutionary Bioinformatics Unit (part of Institut Pasteur and...
Lumière sur la résistance développée par certains patients à une nouvelle classe de médicaments anticancéreux
A team of researchers at the University of Cambridge, The Netherlands Cancer Institute and the Institut Pasteur has identified a protein complex that might...
Cellules souches - Danio rerio - Institut Pasteur
May 1968… While students took to the streets of Paris, Jacques Monod and François Jacob were getting ready for what would prove to be a decisive turning point...
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A recent study, co-edited by Canadian researchers (CHU Sainte-Justine, the Université de Montréal) and French researchers (the Institut Pasteur and the...
Méningoencéphalite cryptococcique - Institut Pasteur
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  The Advancing Cryptococcal Meningitis Treatment for Africa (ACTA) trial funded by the Medical Research Council (UK) and ANRS (France) has highlighted the...
Laura Dickson chercheuse à l'Institut Pasteur
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Researchers from the Institut Pasteur and CNRS, in collaboration with scientific teams from IRD, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1*, and CIRMF in Gabon, have...
Globule rouge parasité par Plasmodium falciparum
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A collaborative project conducted by scientists from the Institut Pasteur in Cambodia, the Institut Pasteur in Paris, the Institut Cochin, the Laboratory of...
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