CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2019 Pasteur Joint International Research Unit Partnership within IPIN

To strengthen the partnership with institutes from the Institut Pasteur International Network (IPIN), the Institut Pasteur (IP) will support the creation of two Pasteur
 International Joint Research Units (PIU/IP-RIIP). 

The PIU/IP-RIIP are “Virtual Unit” bringing together at least one team from Institut Pasteur and one team belonging to IPIN which will pool their complementary skills and expertise and develop research programs on topics of common interest. The final goal is to foster additional national or international funding to allow them implementing together their projected joint research.

The creation of the PIU/IP-RIIP will be formalized by the signature of an agreement between the partners institutions, defining the term of reference of their partnership and state the activity of the created unit.

For the present call, the Institut Pasteur will allocate a budget up to 15,000 €/year to fund the IP team(s) of the selected PIU/IP-RIIP. The partner institute will have to contribute an equal amount to the budget of the PIU/IP-RIIP and this contribution will be attributed to its local group. The funding includes human resources costs, scientists’ exchanges, scientific communications and or consumables, including platform delivery, small equipment.

The PIU/IP-RIIP will be created for 5 years.

The application must be carried by a group leader or head of unit/G5 of Institut Pasteur. Proposed projects must comply the IP and IPIN scientific strategy and respond to priority public health issues in countries where RIIP institutes are based.

Applications must include:

  • A cover letter, co-signed by the team leaders of the PIU;
  • An engagement letter from the directors of each partner institutes, including Institut Pasteur;
  • The Scientific project of the PIU (10 pages, including the title of the project, an abstract, state of the art, objectives, context and justifiactions, expected results, schedule and references);
  • A provisional budget for the 2 first years;
  • The Curriculum Vitae of each PIU team leaders, including the 10 major publications and a list of the past and current findings;
  • The list of the PIU members (NAME, surname, unit, institute, position);
  • The list of the past and current international and national scientific collaborations;
  • A complete list of publication of the PIU team leaders.

Applications be sent as one pdf file (PIU-IP_RIIP-2019-NAME) to

Extension of the closing date for applications: 21th of June 2019.


You will find full detailed introduction for call on the website:


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