You are a leader of a team or a unit at Institut Pasteur and you want to create a framework of partnership with international teams on issues of common interest. You can apply for the creation of a Pasteur International joint research Unit (PIU).


What is a PIU?

A Pasteur International Joint Research Unit is a “Virtual Unit” that aims

  • to bring together two or more international research teams,
  • to pool their complementary skills and expertise
  • to build research programs on topics of common interest,
  • to raise national or international funding for implementing together their projected joint research.

The PIU has as much group leaders as participating partner teams. They jointly assume the scientific responsibility of PIU/IP-RIIP. The team participating to a PIU retains its full administrative affiliation to its mother-institution at its original geographic location.

The Duration of a PIU

5 years.

When and how to apply?

The selection will be based on the submission of an application fully describing the project.

Specific terms of reference may be notified in the call, according to its strategic objectives: open theme call, specific theme-oriented call, specifically targeted partners or countries, etc. 

Evaluation of the applications

A committee will review the submitted proposals, select the laureate teams on the basis of the pertinence and scientific merit of their project and follow up the progression of the PIU.

Once selected, a formal agreement will be signed between the partners institutions to define the term of reference of their partnership and state the activity of the created PIU.

Funding of a PIU

Within the PIU, each partner institute will support its local group of PIU by an equal funding as defined in the PIU agreement. Raising additional funding from external sources is strongly recommended.

The PIU budget can be used to cover human resources costs, scientists’ exchanges, scientific communications and or consumables, including platform delivery, small equipment.


  • A cover letter, co-signed by the team leaders of the PIU;
  • An engagement letter from the directors of each partner institutes, including Institut Pasteur;
  • The Scientific project of the PIU (containing a timeline and satisfying the selection criteria);
  • A provisional budget for the 2 first years;
  • The Curriculum Vitae of each PIU team leaders, including the 10 major publications and a list of the past and current findings;
  • The list of the PIU members (NAME, surname, unit, institute, position);
  • The list of the past and current international and national scientific collaborations;
  • A complete list of publication of the PIU team leaders.

The application must be sent as one pdf file (PIU-IP_RIIP-2019-NAME) to .


Selection criteria

- The opinion of each partner institute directors, including Institut Pasteur;

- The relevance of the project to the scientific strategies and priorities of the partner institutes, including Institut Pasteur;

- The scientific merits of the project including pertinence, originality, feasibility, the adequacy of the proposed budget for the two first years of the candidate PIU. Are particularly important:

  • the complementarity between the partner teams;
  • the contribution to the development of new skills;
  • the potential impact of the projected outcomes on the partner institutes;
  • the promotion of cooperation with local, regional and international teaching and research institutions.

- The quality of the founding consortium and of the group leaders (CV, post doc, Scientific production, research contracts…).

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