Report on the 52nd International Network Council of Directors meeting – lessons to be drawn from the COVID-19 pandemic in the International Network


The 52nd meeting of the Institut Pasteur International Network Council of Directors was held from November, 17 to 20. Because of the extraordinary events this year, the latest meeting took place entirely on a remote basis.

The physical absence of the participants did not hinder the presentations, discussions and good humor of the meeting, which was greatly facilitated by simultaneous interpretation into English and French. More than a hundred people logged into each session.

The program of presentations focused on the lessons that can be drawn from the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic within the International Network. Three parts spread over three days provided an opportunity to make an initial assessment of the institutes' response to the outbreak in their respective countries, while also reflecting on the role of the International Network and the contribution it can make in such a crisis situation. The final day featured an analysis of the research carried out by the International Network to tackle the virus and a presentation of recommendations from the Scientific Steering Committee (COS-RIIP) designed to improve preparedness for future outbreaks.

Each session alternated between feedback from various institutes in the International Network and highly fruitful and constructive discussions and debates between all the members of the International Network.
Once again this year, the interactive meetings concluded with the General Assembly of the Pasteur International Network Association, held on November 20.

Download the PDF of the program

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