Clinical Investigation and Access to BioResources (ICAReB)


  1. Does your organization serve as a public biobank (ie to serve all researchers across France)?

The ICAReB platform of the Pasteur Institute has a biobank activity that is open to all scientists seeking samples for the purposes of their own research or teaching purposes. Access is therefore open to the scientific community but it is not systematic: applications must first have been validated after a formal request by filling a form. All applications must follow an evaluation procedure in order to be satisfied in accordance with the charter available on this link. Finally, access to this service is not free. It takes into account the costs of personnel who manage these samples under Quality Assurance (time spent), as well as consumables and reagents used (tubes, media ...) and storage costs. Thus, the simplest if researchers are calling you, is to send them to this address: so that we can study with them their request, to know if we can take care of it, and evaluate the related costs (quotes), or re-orientate them if necessary.

  1. Are there other biobanks of your size in France?

Yes, there are a large number of biobanks in France, of very different sizes and capacities, some comparable to those of the Institut Pasteur and listed on this site:

  1. Does your organization have the authority to provide:

• primary (human) cell cultures?

Yes, according to the terms specified above; it is essentially primary human (blood) cells of healthy volunteers.

• human stem cells (example: surgical waste, umbilical cords)?

We do not have this type of samples on the ICAReB platform.

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