Traineeship Grants Calmette and Yersin

The Traineeship Grants, funded by the Institut Pasteur Department of International Affairs, are designed to facilitate mobility within the Institut Pasteur International Network (RIIP) and to promote and facilitate traineeships at Institut Pasteur in Paris or in a RIIP member institute for scientists (students, researchers and technicians) from the Institut Pasteur and from the RIIP, issued in priorities from low-income countries.


Deadline for candidatures: March 04th, 2018

Online applications Exclusively


Traineeship grants Calmette and Yersin


The Institut Pasteur Department of International Affairs allocates fundings to promote and facilitate the realization of theses of researchers primarily from low- and middle-income countries, in an institute within the Institut Pasteur International Network outside France.


Any subject covered by RIIP institute laboratories: research into infectious diseases (infectious physiopathology, immunology, microbiology, epidemiology, virology, parasitology) and public health activities (diagnosis, monitoring, resistance, etc.). It must be consistent with the candidate’s research area.


A selection committee decides how to allocate traineeship grants depending on the project’s relevance, the objectives of the internship and research programmes of the candidate’s institute.


The candidate may be a student (currently studying for a 5-year post-graduate degree or a doctorate in medicine, the sciences (veterinary or other), and/or pharm) and/or a technician/engineer and/or tenured researcher.


2 weeks to 3 months; 6 months exclusively for Master’s traineeships


All nationalities


Funding covers living and insurance expenses depending on the salary scales of the host institute. One return fare between the home country and internship location is also funded.

Call for applications:

One call for applications per year from January to the mid of April.

Only application online, must contain :

  • Letter from the Director of your institute
  • Recommandation letter from your supervisor
  • Letter from the Director of your host institute (traineeship within the IPIN except Institut Pasteur in Paris)
  • Letter from your supervisor during your traineeship ( traineeship at the Institut Pasteur in Paris)


To find a traineeship within the RIIP, you can consult the RIIP DATABASE

The successful candidate will submit a report to Eliane Coeffier, International Division, no later than one month after the end of the traineeship. He commits to appear on all documents (internship report, slides, summary, etc..) logo of the Institut Pasteur, and to cite in the acknowledgments include the Institut Pasteur International Division for financial support.

A call for applications in January:

  • Call for applications : January
  • Closing date for applications : March 04th
  • Selection Committee meeting March
  • Decision notice : from April for traineeships in the RIIP and Juin for traineeships in Institut Pasteur in Paris


    Online applications Exclusively


    Marianne Lucas-Hourani

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