Dr. Jean-François Chambon is appointed Vice-President Communications and Fundraising at the Institut Pasteur

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On February 2, 2015, Dr. Jean-François Chambon took up the post of Vice-President Communications and Fundraising at the Institut Pasteur. Dr. Chambon is also a member of the Executive Board. He is responsible for promoting the Institut Pasteur's visibility among its stakeholders in France and across the world, a key factor in the success of its 2015-2018 strategic plan to tackle the scientific and health-related challenges associated with the development of emerging and re-emerging diseases.


Press release

Paris, March 3, 2015


Portrait de Jean-François Chambon, directeur de la Communication et du mécénat de l’Institut Pasteur. © Institut Pasteur

Jean-François Chambon is a doctor and clinician and an HIV/AIDS specialist. He began his career in 1989 as a hospital doctor in various internal medicine departments at AP-HP and as medical director for the Arcat-Sida AIDS charity. He was a leading figure in the charity sector at this time and helped found the movement for the first AIDS charities with the aim of raising awareness and improving access to antiretroviral drugs. He also served as a member of several scientific councils and expert groups in the French General Directorate of Health, the National Agency for AIDS Research and the first Sidaction campaign.


In 1997, he joined GlaxoSmithKline France as medical coordinator for disease management programs. In 1998, he launched the GSK France Foundation for the development of care and treatment programs for HIV patients in developing countries. In 2003, he was appointed Director of Public Affairs for GSK France, while continuing his work as Secretary General of the Foundation.


In 2009, he joined the Roche Group as Director of Public Affairs and Communications for the French subsidiary, also serving as a member of the Executive Board. In this role, he developed and implemented complex projects to encourage access to innovative therapies, particularly in the field of oncology, and made an active contribution to the rise in personalized medicine and the development of targeted therapies based on biotechnology.


Dr. Jean-François Chambon is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at Paris XII University. He also holds a degree in tropical medicine and global healthcare from Paris VI University and a degree from CESAM (Paris VI University) in statistics applied to medicine, specializing in epidemiology.


Illustration: Photo of Jean-François Chambon, Vice-President Communications and Fundraising at the Institut Pasteur. © Institut Pasteur


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