Dedonder Clayton Award

The Dedonder Clayton Award honors scientists in Africa and Asia whose outstanding research is decisive to progress in public health, specifically in the field of research on HIV / AIDS and related infections.


Deadline for application: August, 25 th 2019.

This award, in the amount of $ 46,000, allows support the scientific work of the winner's team.

This Prize is awarded by Pr Stewart COLE, President of the Institut Pasteur and Pr Françoise Barré-Sinoussi , Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2008, and a jury representatives of the Institut Pasteur International Network and the ANRS.

The Dedonder Clayton Prize is awarded every year since 2011. Winners are:


  • 2018: M. Didier Koumavi EKOUEVI (PhD,  Chief of the Department of Public Health, University of Lomé, Togo), for his project on " Human Papillomavirus infection and sexually transmitted infections associated in men who have sexe with men and sex workers in Togo".
  • 2017: M. Richard NJOUOM (PhD, Chef de Laboratoire, Chef de Service de Virologie, Centre Pasteur du Cameroun) for his project on " Hépatites virales et nouveaux biomarqueurs sériques de cancer primitif du foie au Cameroun".
  • 2015: Mr Avelin Fobang Aghokeng (PhD, researcher at IRD - Yaoundé in Cameroon) for his project on "Implementing the test & treat approach in Cameroon: challenges of HIV diagnosis and viral drug resistance".
  • 2014 : Mrs Oanh Thi Hai Khuat (MD, MSc, Founder and Executive Director, Center for Supporting Community Development Initiatives, Vietnam) for her implication and the originality of the proposal "No one left behind - Understand HIV risks and burden and mitigation approaches among most marginalized adolescents in Vietnam.
  • 2013: Mr Jean-Chrysostome GODY (MD, Director of the Pediatric Complex in Bangui, Central African Republic) for his study on primary resistance to antiretroviral drugs in children less than one year followed in the pediatric Complex in Bangui.
  • 2012: Mr Polidy PEAN (researcher at the Institut Pasteur in Cambodia) for his work on the relationship between cellular immune response and immune reconstitution syndrome (IRIS ) in TB patients co -infected with HIV, the virus very immunocompromised when they take therapeutic management.
  • 2011: Mr Mathurin TEJIOKEM (researcher at the Centre Pasteur in Cameroon) for its contribution to the implementation and study of the first pediatric cohort for early treatment against HIV / AIDS in Cameroon.

Exclusively online application:

Prize Award Ceremony at Pasteur Center in Cameroon, Yaoundé during the Institut Pasteur International Network Council of Directors (November 15-16, 2019)

Contact : Marianne Lucas-Hourani

Updated on 19/04/2019

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