Warning: In this period of COVID-19 pandemic, the CeRIS library is open for justified research purposes and on appointment only

Practical information


In this period of Covid-19 pandemic, the CeRIS library is open for justified research purposes and on appointment only.


Who can use the library?

The library in the Scientific Information Resources Center (CeRIS) is open to all staff, interns and students at the Institut Pasteur, with no specific conditions.

For external users, access is restricted to:

  • Researchers and physicians

  • Biology students (second-year Master's onwards), medical students (from their sixth year onwards) and pharmacy students (from their fifth year onwards)

  • Librarians and information scientists

  • Anyone for research purposes if authorized

Registration for external users

S'enregistrer à la loge d'acceuil de l'Institut, située 25 rue du Docteur Roux, et y laisser une pièce d'identité. Puis s'inscrire à la bibliothèque.


N'oubliez pas votre pièce d'identité - Bibliothèque du CeRIS - Institut Pasteur

Don't forget to pick up your ID before you leave.

For security reasons, you must leave your ID at the Institut Pasteur reception whenever you visit the library, even for users with annual registration.

Rates for external users

To use the library


Annual registration fee (full rate)


Annual registration fee (reduced rate)


Daily admission fee


Le saviez-vous - Bibliothèque du CeRIS - Institut Pasteur

The reduced rate applies to the following people (proof will be requested):

  • students

  • job seekers

  • members of the Société Française de Microbiologie, the Société Française d'Immunologie, the Société française de Mycologie Médicale or the Société de Pathologie Exotique


Photocopies and printing


Without a rechargeable card


With a rechargeable card


Rechargeable card


Opening times

Reading room

The reading room is open to the public:

- Monday to Friday,

- 10am-6pm.

Closing days

In 2021, the reading room will be closed:


- on all French public holidays,

- on Friday May 14,

- on Friday November 12


How to get to the CeRIS?


Address: 28 rue du Docteur Roux, 75015 Paris, France

Metro: Pasteur metro station (lines 12 and 6)

Bus: Institut Pasteur stop (routes 88 and 95)


The CeRIS is on the Institut Pasteur campus in Paris, on the second floor of the Scientific Information Center (CIS)


You will need to leave ID at reception






Questions & Answers

Where can I eat on campus?

The Institut Pasteur cafeteria is not open to external library users. But if you bring your own packed lunch, tables are available for use outside the library. You will also find drink and snack machines on the ground floor of the building, and there is a wide range of restaurants and cafés in the area.

I am not a member of the Institut Pasteur but I would like to borrow an item. Is that possible?

No, you will have to consult any library resources on site. Loans are only available for Institut Pasteur members and students taking courses lasting more than three weeks.

I would like to come with some other students taking Institut Pasteur courses to work together as a group in the library. Is that possible?

The library reading room is open from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. But the reading room is a quiet workspace. We would suggest that you ask at the library front desk to see whether you can use the adjacent meeting room.


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