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The library is one of the three divisions of the Institut Pasteur's Scientific Information Resources Center (CeRIS). It specializes in the fields of microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, neurobiology, biochemistry and the history of science. It is open to people from the Institut Pasteur's Paris campus and in the Institut Pasteur International Network. Access may be granted to external users for justified research purposes and on appointment only.

A platform of services and expertise

The Institut Pasteur's Scientific Information Resources Center (CeRIS) is a platform of services and expertise in scientific information to support research and facilitate the Institut Pasteur's missions. It offers guidance on scientific information in a context that is constantly changing.

The CeRIS has three divisions: the library, the picture library and the archives, and its work is based on four pillars:

  • Making available a selection of quality resources for scientists
  • Developing a range of campus-based services

  • Offering expertise in scientific information and anticipating new developments

  • Drawing on a skilled team with expertise that is constantly being honed and updated


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The library – a long history


Inauguration of the Institut Pasteur. The central library of bacteriology and medicine has its own dedicated space, on the first floor, in a large Louis XIII-style room now known as the Salle des Actes.


The chemistry library is opened in the new Institute of Physiological Chemistry.


The cancer library is opened in the radiophysiology laboratory.


The library's activities are almost entirely suspended during the First World War.


The tuberculosis library is opened in the new building run by Albert Calmette.


The project to refurbish and extend the central library is interrupted by the war.


The library's collections on chemistry and tuberculosis are transferred to the central library.


Lack of space in the central library: the collections are divided over five different premises and many are inaccessible to the public. Several small libraries are run by laboratories and departments, competing with the central library.


A legacy from the Duchess of Windsor is used to build a new facility: the Scientific Information Center.


The central library is transferred to the Scientific Information Center. The reading room occupies a huge space over two floors, and a significant part of the collections is available on an open access basis.


The library changes its name to the scientific media library, incorporating multimedia resources and the picture library.


The scientific media library changes its name to the CeRIS (Scientific Information Resources Center), which is composed of three divisions: the library, the picture library and the archives. The new name emphasizes the fact that the expertise of the CeRIS goes beyond simply offering access to resources.



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