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Macrophages infectés par M. tuberculosis (en vert), observés par microscopie confocale. © Réseau international des Instituts Pasteur
Press release
Scientists at the Institut Pasteur and their partners in the international TBVAC2020 consortium have just developed a...
Parvis du CIS - Institut Pasteur
Press release
François Romaneix was appointed as the Institut Pasteur's Senior Executive Vice-President Administration and Finance by...
Bâtiment Institut Pasteur Paris
Press release
The Institut Pasteur's governance is gradually getting back to normal. The new Board of Directors elected by the...
Press release
On February 14, the European Commission officially approved the Infravec2 project . This project will improve the...
Press release
By formally identifying the main player in the fusion between male and female sex cells, researchers from the Institut...
Nourrisson - Bronchiolite
Press release
In a study published in the prestigious Immunity journal on February 21, 2017, researchers from the Institut Pasteur in...
Comment la nicotine agit sur le cerveau des schizophrènes
Press release
Several studies have indicated that schizophrenic patients are likely to show a high level of nicotine dependence....
Médecine régénérative : les cellules sénescentes en renfort de la reprogrammation cellulaire
Press release
The major challenge currently faced in the field of regenerative medicine is how to reprogram differentiated adult...
Aditec. Vaccination
Press release
30 million Euros of funding, 42 public and private institutions have joined forces for next generation vaccines. The...




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