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Moustique et paludisme Institut Pasteur
Press release
Malaria super-spreading mosquitoes can now be identified more easily. Researchers from the Institut Pasteur, CNRS and...
Phagothérapie et système immunitaire
Press release
Two teams from the Institut Pasteur, in partnership with researchers from Inserm and the Georgia Institute of...
Dossier de presse
AIDS research at the Institut Pasteur   Today, 34 years after Institut Pasteur scientists discovered HIV-1 – a...
Elizabethkingia anophelis, microscopie électronique. © Institut Pasteur
Dossier de presse
Scientists from the Institut Pasteur and the CNRS, working in collaboration with US and Australian teams, have...
Press release
During a wave of expansion that began 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, Bantu-speaking populations – today some 310 million...
Macrophages infectés par M. tuberculosis (en vert), observés par microscopie confocale. © Réseau international des Instituts Pasteur
Press release
Scientists at the Institut Pasteur and their partners in the international TBVAC2020 consortium have just developed a...
Parvis du CIS - Institut Pasteur
Press release
François Romaneix was appointed as the Institut Pasteur's Senior Executive Vice-President Administration and Finance by...
Bâtiment Institut Pasteur Paris
Press release
The Institut Pasteur's governance is gradually getting back to normal. The new Board of Directors elected by the...




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