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Two groups at the Institut Pasteur in association with the CNRS (French National Scientific Research Centre) have...
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The plague, one of the most dangerous bacterial diseases for man, is currently reemerging in the world. Comparative...
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Researchers from the Institut Pasteur associated with the CNRS have recently demonstrated the importance of the...
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The official launch of the "Epigenome" Network of Excellence will take place 24 September 2004, in Brno (Czech Republic...
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Hepatic insufficiency, cirrhosis, liver cancer, etc.: damage to the liver is varied and in serious cases the only...
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A study conducted by Marc Lecuit from the Bacteria-Cell Interactions Unit (1) of the Institut Pasteur, which is...
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With a third of the world's population infected, 2 million deaths and 8.5 million new cases each year, tuberculosis (TB...
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A team from the Institut Pasteur associated with the CNRS has just identified a key molecule in the brain capable of...
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Research teams from INSERM and the Institut Pasteur have just discovered the virulence mechanism of the Rift Valley...



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