Center for Technological Resources and Research (C2RT)

A center providing access to cutting-edge technologies supporting Institut Pasteur research projects


The Center for Technological Resources and Research (C2RT) is home to four Technology and Service Units (UTechS) and 12 Technological Platforms.

Thanks to the expert staff working in these facilities, research teams can access state-of-the-art technologies, be trained in their use and keep up to date with technological and methodological developments.

Fields as varied as omics (particularly at single-cell level); design and production of biomolecules and their structural analysis; imaging; cell sorting and phenotyping; high-throughput phenotypic screening; microfluidics and 3D cell culture are covered.

Recent additions to the C2RT include the Titan Krios™ transmission electron microscope and other cryo-electron microscopes that allow studying cells and proteins at the molecular scale. Also, an Organ-on-chip center was recently launched, in collaboration with the biotech company Emulate™, that provides Institut Pasteur research groups with novel cell-based technologies that recreate organ-level function, contributing to reduce animal usage at Institut Pasteur.

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Photo portrait de Mickael Nilges © Didier Goupy

Michael Nilges, Vice-President for Technology and Scientific Programs of Institut Pasteur and Director of the Center for Technological Resources and Research

More than ever, technology plays a crucial role in biological research. The C2RT core facilities make use of their state of the art equipment and competences to take part in Institut Pasteur’s research into the basis of pathological processes, from the molecular to the organism scale with the aim of diagnosis, prevention and therapy .



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