MATI (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Iran) Regional Meeting from 24th to 26th November 2014


The regional MATI meeting was organized in Casablanca by the Institut Pasteur in Morocco. This meeting provided a unique opportunity for researchers from MATI region and also for visiting researchers from the Hellenic and Dakar Institut Pasteur to share, compare their knowledge / scientific experiences and to explore new areas specific to the MATI region for cooperation in the areas of health.

It was took stock of Ebola outbreak and of two major international projects: LeiSHield (Leishmaniasis) and Medilabsecure (Laboratory Network on the emerging viruses). The Ethical dimension has been discussed during a Roundtable.

Four workshops on antibiotic resistance, venoms of scorpions and snakes, emerging arboviruses and viral hepatitis and liver cancer have allowed researchers to work and to lay down the fondation of four regional projects.

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