HKU to Collaborate on Biomedical Innovation with the Institut Pasteur and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation - Institut Pasteur
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The University of Hong Kong (“HKU”), the Institut Pasteur and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”) signed a Memorandum of Understanding...
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With the naked eye, humans can make out a detail measuring roughly 1 mm from a distance of 3 meters. Titan Krios™, the world's most powerful microscope, which...
Le Professeur Christine Petit reçoit le Prix Kavli 2018
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The Institut Pasteur, the Collège de France, the French Academy of Sciences and Inserm are honored to announce that the Norwegian Academy of Science and...
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On June 21 and 22, 2018, an international conference on Emerging Infections and Pandemic Risk, co-organized by the Institut Pasteur and the SCOR Foundation for...
In official relation with WHO since 2016, the Pasteur International Network Association, represented by Nadia Khelef, presented 3 statements during the 71st...
VIH : une piste de thérapie cellulaire issue de la recherche sur les patients « contrôleurs »
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Rare patients infected by HIV spontaneously control viral replication without antiretroviral therapy, and do not go on to develop AIDS. The ability of these...
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The Inserm team led by Guillaume Duménil at the Institut Pasteur, in collaboration with several teams of physicists, has unraveled a key stage in infection by...
Virus Ebola vu en microscopie électronique à transmission - Institut Pasteur
For several weeks, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been facing a new outbreak of the hemorrhagic fever Ebola. Where does this virus come from? What is...
Inner hair cell - audition - Institut Pasteur
Christine Petit, Professor at the Institut Pasteur and Professor at the Collège de France, received the 2018 Kavli Prize for Neuroscience from the Norwegian...
Fièvre jaune : nouvelle méthode pour tester l’innocuité du vaccin
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Development of a cellular test to verify the safety of live vaccines, such as the yellow fever vaccine, without the need to use animal testing. Scientists from...


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